7 Ways To Create Passive Income From Cryptocurrencies

Passive Income

A 9-5 job can not give you enough money to check everything on your bucket list; the prices of things are getting higher and higher with every passing day. 

Especially after the global coronavirus pandemic, the entire world is struggling with a number of economic crises. In this scenario, having a passive or side income has become a must. Almost every millennial is looking for different ways to increase their income. 

When you are going to choose a passive income option, you need to ensure that you do not need to invest a lot of time on that, as you might have a full-time job or a business to look after. You should go with an option that will offer enough returns to keep you motivated. 

This is the reason why investing and trading are two of the most popular passive incomes. For investment, you have a lot of options, from real estate investment to stock investment. 

When you are looking for a passive income, we will recommend you to go with Cryptocurrencies as it has a lot of potential to get you higher returns. 

The whole world had witnessed the performance of the Crypto market during the tough time when the global economy was struggling. Now, the question is how you can utilize the potential of Cryptocurrencies for earning more through your passive income. 

Ways To Create Passive Income From Cryptocurrencies

It’s great that you have made up your mind of choosing Cryptocurrencies as your passive income. Now, you need to focus on different ways you can utilize the potential of this amazing source of income. 

Here in this article, we are going to guide you with that. Let’s start the discussion without wasting more time. 

PoS Or Proof-Of-Stake Staking

Proof-of-stake or PoS is a consensus method that is used in Blockchain technology. It mainly plays the role of an alternative to the proof-of-stock of Bitcoin. Through a particular process, PoS networks validate a transaction as genuine. 

This particular process involves nodes stacking or locking up large amounts of tokens for a particular time duration. Here, the role of mining is replaced by Crypto staking. In PoS, validators get new block rewards instead of miners getting new block rewards in PoW. 

Interest Bearing Digital Asset Accounts

There are some service providers who let users deposit their Crypto and also earn a yield on it. It works the similar way a usual savings account works. More and more investors prefer this particular earning type, as traditional cash saving has been performing low in recent years. 

You just need to open an account and deposit your Cryptos or stable coins to use this one. A lock-up period might be there, where the users mean you can not access your funds for a particular amount of time. 

When you are looking for ways to invest in bitcoin, here is a great platform named AQRU, which is ready to offer you some attractive features along with an interest of 12% on Crypto savings. 


Investors have a number of ways to lend out Crypto. The basic idea here is to give Crypto loans to people for a particular amount of time also for a fee. The earned amount usually depends on 3 things, which are as follows. 

  • The duration of the loan.
  • The total value of Crypto being lent. 
  • The interest rate. 

In some particular cases, all those earning Crypto passive income in this way usually get the opportunity to choose the terms of the leans they are creating. On the other hand, in some cases, third parties negotiate the terms beforehand. 

Cloud Mining

Mining Proof-of-work Cryptocurrencies need substantial investment in computer hardware along with the necessary technical knowledge. Here, cloud mining contracts provide an alternative. 

Rather than setting up a brand new mining rig, individuals can simply rent hashing power from a specific established operation. For a fixed amount of money, in exchange, individuals are capable of buying cloud mining contracts, which entitle them to a particular hash rate for a specific period of time. 

Dividend-Earning Tokens

Here is another way of earning some passive income from Cryptocurrencies, and that is tokenized stocks. They are the usual Cryptocurrencies, which are backed by shares of equity in a company. 

Sometimes, all these backed tokens provide dividend payouts in the same manner, in which shareholders get dividends. Here, on a quarterly basis, the dividends are being paid. So, you also do not need to wait longer to get the return. 

Yield Farming

In the years 2020 and 2021, the term yield farming has become popular. These are the years when the decentralized exchanges that rely on liquidity provided by investors and smart contracts become more popular. 

Here, the investors deposit tokens into a liquidity pool, which is a special type of smart contract. Individuals who offer liquidity in this manner get a portion of the fees that are generated through tenders accessing the particular pool. 

In this list, yield farming is one of the most complex options we have mentioned. We will always recommend you do some additional research before you are putting your money here. 

Running A Lightning Node

Now, this might be a new option for you that you do not have enough information about, do not worry when we are here to guide you with all the necessary pieces of information. 

The Lightning network of Bitcoin is nothing but a layer-2 scaling solution, which lets an individual for affordable micropayments at a scale that is lightning-fast. The first-ever nation to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender, El Salvador uses Lightning for Bitcoin transactions. 

Here, lightning nodes facilitate all these transactions. The individuals who are running the nodes get a small portion of every transaction fee, which gets routed through their nodes—running a Lightning node generated really little income, as the fees are too low. 

Increase Your Annual Income

Now, you know the options you have for increasing your overall income with all the passive income with Cryptocurrencies options. As per your requirements and the amount of money you can invest, you can select anyone from the list.