Everything You Need To Know About Washing Machine Repairs in the UK

Washing Machine Repairs in the UK

To go further in understanding how it works and the criteria to be taken into account when choosing a washing machine, we suggest that you look at the selection criteria together in detail. Some tips will help you save energy.

The type of washing machine

Let’s start with the choice of the type of washing machine. Apart from the insert, there are three choices to make:

  • Door opening (on the front of the washing machine)
  • Top opening
  • Washer Dryer

For the first two criteria, we strongly recommend opening the porthole. This will allow you to keep the space above to put your things on, without having to remove everything as in the case of a washing machine with a top opening.

On the other hand, if you have limited space, top-opening washing machines offer the advantage of being able, for certain models, to be less wide (40, 50cm) than window washing machines (generally 60cm).

For the 3rd criterion, it is interesting to take the drying option, even if we only recommend it for laundry that does not require special care. Indeed, dryers tend to damage the laundry by applying high temperatures.

If you are on a financial plan, this alternative is not necessary, and a porthole washing machine accompanied by a linen banner will do perfectly well, this one will be the ablest to preserve the quality of your linen and your clothes. Washing machine repair costs in the UK are not much high.

The capacity

A washing machine is also defined according to its capacity. There are three main capacity families for washing machines:

Washing Machine Repairs
washing machines
  • 5 to 6Kg for a single person
  • 6 to 9Kg for a couple
  • 9 to 12Kg for a family

The advantage of adapting the capacity of your washing machine to your needs is that you will do machines less often, and therefore save money in energy (water + electricity). This is not negligible if we relate the energy cost to the year. Let’s do a little calculation to convince you:


It is essential for a washing machine to have a good design. We list the mandatory functions below. You should make sure you have all of these functions before buying your washing machine:

Spin speed: you must be able to choose the speed according to the laundry you want to wash

Type of washing: colour, white, delicate 

The delayed start function, present on more and more models, is not essential, but can allow you to schedule your washings during EDF off-peak hours and therefore save energy. For washing machine repairs in London hire only an expert.

Energy class

There are seven energy classes for washing machines, which range from A +++ for the best, to D for the less good.

We invite you to see our explanation of the energy label here, and just want to do a financial calculation with you to convince you of the importance of this criterion by comparing two washing machines of equivalent capacity:

Washing machine energy class A +++:

Electricity consumption: 169 Kwh / year x 0.15 euro = 25.35 Dollar / year

Water consumption: 7800 liters / year x 0.0028 euro = 21.84 Dollar / year

  • Finishes
  • Finally, washing machines are mainly available in the following finishes:
  • White
  • Stainless steel
  • Black
  • Red
  • Silver
washing machine repairs
washing machine

We hope this will guide you in choosing your washing machine. You have seen the importance of these criteria, which will have an impact on how you use them. 

Complete guide to washing machines

Complete Guide to Washing Machines If you haven’t seen our complete guide to washing machines, we invite you to take a look. This is the starting point for our dossier on washing machines. We explain the different types in detail, and you’ll find tips and reviews to help you make the right choice.

When you own household appliances, it is inevitable that the problem of breakdown will arise one day or another. The question then arises: should I have it repaired or buy a new device?

Most small appliances like microwaves, blenders and toasters have a lifespan of about ten years. Large appliances such as Washing Machines require regular maintenance to function optimally. A good brand washing machine repair must be done at the service centre of the company.

Questions to ask

When looking for an appliance repairer, don’t hesitate to ask some specific questions in order to select the most competent professional. Ask the entire question regarding washing machine repair near me.