Using a Cherry Picker Will Increase Productivity!


Any fleet of work vehicles transporting personnel to levels where ladders or scaffolding are either impracticable or dangerous should have bucket trucks or cherry pickers. When utilized effectively and responsibly, these aerial lift vehicles can do a variety of utility duties, including tree cutting, maintenance of traffic and street lights, and other activities that are typically challenging to reach. Ensuring that all operators have received the necessary training and adhere to all established safety procedures is one of the most crucial steps in ensuring effective performance. Such practices can prevent expensive collisions and unnecessary wear on the vehicle. Please continue reading to learn how these safety drills may help any business.

Knowing vehicle limits

Cherry pickers always come with user manuals and load charts outlining the proper use for each part of the truck and its parts, much like any other form of heavy or industrial equipment. The load restrictions for each truck, how to use the bucket and boom in less-than-ideal circumstances, and how to safely park and set up the truck are all critical information to understand before operating a cherry picker. The cherry picker truck 14T Speed stands out for its productivity and is one of the simplest platforms to stabilize the market. It is created by Socage company. Even functioning without outriggers is permitted—Telescopic truck-mounted platform with automatic stabilization as a default, the SOCAGE forSte 14T SPEED. With a basket payload of 230 kg, it has a maximum height of 14.10 m and a maximum outreach of 9 m.

The forSte 14A SPEED is the perfect urban solution for all market professionals due to its small size, high performance, and automated vertical stabilization.

The SocageforSte 14T SPEED stands out for its productivity and as one of the simplest platforms on the market to stabilize thanks to SOCAGE’s cutting-edge standard automatic stabilization system, SPEED H+H, and the additional travel of the Socage vertical stabilizers. Even functioning without outriggers is permitted.

Required Instruction

A license or certification is frequently required, as well as specialized training, to operate any aerial lift, including cherry pickers. Companies stand to gain significantly more efficiency from employees on the job. A qualified operator’s key duty and a necessary component of every working day are to conduct inspections before and after every job. Trained eyes can frequently find any vehicle issues through such daily inspections before they become a threat to everyone involved. You can get help from professional companies like Socage Academy.

Essential Maintenance

Any time a boom or bucket truck is involved, machinery that requires periodic maintenance or is damaged in a way that necessitates repair invites danger. It makes sense that businesses would have the best performance and safety rates when all trucks are properly maintained. However, when planned, paying attention to such issues is more convenient than dealing with the downtime caused by a damaged part or, worse yet, someone getting hurt. Downtime for normal maintenance can be inconvenient and occasionally expensive.


Service Work

When servicing or repairing overhead cables, phone or power lines, and street lights, cherry pickers are an excellent option. With the help of a cherry picker, the worker may maneuver around overhead obstructions and is promptly lifted to the right spot.

Prune trees

A cherry picker makes it possible for the worker to reach any part of the tree that needs to be trimmed, from the very bottom to the very top, making it ideal for pruning big trees in private or public spaces.

Building Upkeep and Painting

A cherry picker is a wonderful substitute for ladders or scaffolding. A cherry picker is a convenient platform for safely keeping paint and cleaning supplies. It enables the painter or cleaner to position oneself safely to finish the task quickly and effectively.


Signwriting is a fantastic option for all sign installation on buildings, billboards, free-standing sign towers, storefronts, bridges, and other towering structures. A cherry picker has ample space to hold the sign writer and any necessary tools or signage for the job.


Increasing workplace productivity is crucial for every business to finish the most tasks in the shortest amount of time. There is no place for shortcuts to try to work more quickly or save money when it comes to cherry pickers. The only recipe for the highest safety standards and levels of efficiency when employing cherry pickers at work is requiring training for every employee, adhering to safety regulations, and keeping all vehicles in good condition!