Understand the Importance of Hormones With Dr. Rachel Jones’ Hormone Clinic

Dr. Rachel Jones

The human brain is an extraordinary organ. Not only is it in charge of ensuring that the body is functioning and growing properly, but it also makes you a thinking, feeling person.

It is an organ of staggering complexity and potential, whose vast repertoire of functions continues to inspire and astound – it allows us to recall information, solve puzzles, create art, and speak multiple languages at a time, amongst many other functions. Yet it is also one of the most delicate organs within our bodies. Even the slightest aspect of our brain chemistry being out of place would unbalance the entire nervous system.

According to Dr. Rachel Jones, one of the reasons for mental issues is caused by hormone imbalance within the body. Drawing on her extensive medical expertise, she set up her clinic – The Hormone Clinic – to help people deal with the mental toll of hormonal imbalance.

The Hormone Clinic is an award-winning clinic specializing in identifying and treating mental health issues caused by a hormone imbalance. Experts at the Clinic prescribe Body-identical and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), depending on symptoms and individual choice. The latter is a formula of natural hormones that are one hundred percent identical to the ones produced in the human body. The clinic uses them to restore hormone balance in both men and women.

Some might believe that only women would require hormonal treatments as they undergo the most change – mentally, physically, and emotionally – throughout their lives. And while this holds a grain of truth, men can also suffer from a hormonal imbalance causing severe mental health issues.

For women, the treatments available at the clinic include help with Menopause, Perimenopause, PMS, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder(PMDD), Depressive Disorder, Postnatal Depression, and even Hormonal Acne. The clinic has been treating hormone conditions pertaining to men as well, including Testosterone Deficiency and Male Menopause, since its establishment.

The staff at the clinic is very hands-on when it comes to their patients. Doctors are hired based on their level of expertise in the area of mental health as well as hormone balance. They also undergo a screening process to ensure they are not only compassionate but have an adequate knowledge of the issues their patients might be suffering from. Every patient is treated individually and given full attention, with regular monitoring to ensure the treatment works correctly and efficiently.

The Hormone Clinic empowers its patients to live life to the fullest. The people behind it show passion for their job, and their desire to help people suffering from issues that can be easily treated is admirable. Dr. Jones makes sure that every member of her team takes care of the patient’s health and treats everyone ethically regardless of their social standing. The clinic is here to stay, letting people know that they are not alone in their struggles; there is always a chance for a brighter tomorrow.

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