How to Book an Appointment to Register a Birth or Death in the UK

Register a Birth or Death in UK

Are you a citizen of the UK? Or, have you recently shifted to the country of UK with your husband and are expecting to give birth to a baby?

Then, you must be aware of the process of the registration of birth as well as death in the UK to save yourself from all unwanted legal complications.

This is because the United Kingdom has declared the registration of births and deaths a mandatory administrative process to be followed by all of its citizens.

Whether it’s the outset of someone’s life or his/her end, the matter must be recorded in the register of the UK government otherwise that particular birth or death in the UK will come under illegal cases (with no legal identities of the person’s birth or death).

From celebrating the welcome ceremony of a new baby to performing the rites of death ceremony, nothing is possible without the person’s legal identity.

Wondering whether these processes are complicated? Don’t know, how to book an appointment to register a birth? A

lso, eager to know, how to register a death. Don’t worry, we have made everything covered here. Just keep reading. 

What’s The Importance Of Birth Registration In The UK?

Birth registration in the United Kingdom is necessary for any of its citizens because of the following-

  • Getting official recognition for the newborn baby’s existence in the country (his citizenship).
  • It serves as a legal identity for the baby.
  • To get a birth certificate for the baby, which in turn is required for getting various medical, social, and educational services in the country. 
  • To get a passport and other documents that serve as proof of the child’s nationality.
  • To get enrolled in a school in the future.
  • To get timely immunizations and other medical care
    • To inherit the properties of estates of his or her parents in the future.
  • To get various social or financial support from the government. 
  • To serve as a data necessary for government planning or grant of resources. 
  • To take part in various cultural, religious, and naming rituals. 
  • To remain safeguarded by UK’s laws through a legitimate identity. 

What’s The Importance Of Death Registration In The UK?

 Here are the reasons why you should register the death of a person in the UK

  • It’s a legal obligation if you are a citizen of the country.
  • To get the death certificate of the person in hand, which in turn may assist in fulfilling different administrative purposes including-
  1. ​​​​​​The property or estate transfer of the dead person to the appropriate heirs.
  2. ​​​​​​Settling the insurance claims.
  3. Transferring the bank money of the deceased individual to the heir.
  4. Closing the dead person’s bank account, etc.  
  • To ensure the official record of the dead person’s vital statistics or his/her contributions. 
  • To distribute the money and assets of the deceased person among the legal beneficiaries.
  • To get the government permission for the burial of the dead person. 
  • To initiate family pension for the family members of the deceased person.
  • To close all of these deceased person’s accounts –
  1. Utility service account.
  2. Bank account.
  3. Subscribed account, etc. 
  • For notifying the deceased person’s legal solicitor so that he could settle all the legal matters related to that person and his will properly. 
  • To help the government count the mortality rates and know their reasons so that his public health planning never goes wrong. 

How To Book An Appointment To Register A Birth? How To Register A Death?

1. Search Out The Register Office That’s Close To Your Home:

​​​​​​Though you can go to any register office (even in England’s and Wale’s register office) to enlist the birth/death of your close ones (as they will afterwards transfer the information to the local register office), it’s always comfortable to visit the nearest office possible that is not too much far away from the place of birth or death of the individual.

If you’re unaware of the address of any such office near you, either ask someone or go search on the Internet. Also, you can take the help of the local council to find out the actual address of such nearest office, if any. 

2. Collect The Contact Information Of That Register Office: 

Once you get to know the address of the registered office, it’s time to find out the contact details of that office including phone number, email id, etc. To get the real and current contact info of the registration office, visit their authentic website and note down all the contact details that you need.  

3. Accumulate The Necessary Documents And Information Required To Complete The Task:

The register office will never listen to your mouth’s words regarding the registration of the birth or death of any individual. You have to produce the necessary information and documents before them.

For example, in birth registration, you have to produce the baby’s name, birthplace, DOB (date of birth), etc. Also, the hospital document is necessary as proof of the baby’s birth. 

Similarly, in case of death registration, you need to produce the death confirmation letter issued by the doctor or the hospital, the dead person’s identity proof, and all the information related to him like his name, birthplace, death place, day and time of death, etc before the registered office.

So, before proceeding to the registers office, the accumulation of all of these documents and info is necessary. 

4. Reach Out To The Office:

Now, comes the mode of contact. Though you may always choose to visit the registers office physically, it is always recommended to reach out to them first through phone calls or email.  Call them up or mail them and ask them for the dates and times that are still available for you to fix an appointment. You may also chat with them on their online website platform. 

5. Collect Information On The Available Dates/Times:

As you collect info about the available dates and times, record them in a notebook. Now, learn from the internet, how to book an appointment to register a birth. If you want to book an appointment for someone’s death registration, learn from the internet again, how to register a death. 

​​​​6. Fix An Appointment: 

Now, choose the date and time in which you will be available and ask them to fix an appointment for you. Also, tell them what kind of registration you want – birth or death. 

7. Try To Follow The Registration Process Step By Step Until It’s Done:

Now, visit the registers office on the scheduled date, time, and venue and complete all the formalities and registration process by pursuing them step by step.  

8. Ask For Birth Or Death Certificates In Exchange Of Money That They Charge:

After the birth or death of your close one is enrolled in the UK government’s office register, ask them, what it costs to obtain a birth/death certificate from them. Arrange the necessary money needed for the payment of the birth/death certificate and take your close one’s birth/death certificate home.   


After reading this article here you must have got the idea of how to book an appointment to register a birth and how to register a death in the UK.

But, keep in mind that the registration of birth must be done within the time stated by the UK government (that is, within 42 days, counting from the day of the child’s birth).

The same is also applicable in the case of death registration. Otherwise, you may fall into the trap of legal complications, which is not desirable at all after your close one’s birth or death.

Also, don’t forget to check the rules and regulations for the registrations of death and birth in the UK from the registers office before proceeding further as the rules and regulations may vary from time to time.

So, go ahead with your work! Best of luck for your smooth and hassle-free journey toward the registration process. Bye Bye! 


1. How do I contact the General Register Office UK? 

To contact the General Register Office residing in the United Kingdom, and get a birth or death certificate, you must give a call to the phone number – +44(0)3001231837. You can call this number every day except Sunday.

They are available to receive your call from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday to Friday and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. Also, you can apply for those certificates by downloading their GRO application forms from the GOV.UK website and sending them by post.