Tips to Prepare the Office Air Conditioner Before Summer

Air Conditioner

Summer is fast approaching, and it’s the hottest season in the UK. Preparing your commercial air conditioner as early as now will help ensure it runs efficiently. Maintaining an ideal temperature in the office is vital in making your employees feel more comfortable. It will help them focus on their work, thus improving their efficiency and productivity. If it’s too hot, their attention might be on the discomfort that they feel instead of their tasks.

Moreover, the right temperature is crucial for your office equipment, including the computers. They may overheat if it gets too hot. Below are tips on preparing the air conditioning system in the workplace for the summer season.

Clean or replace air filters

It’s one of the easiest things you can do concerning the upkeep of your air conditioning. Clean the air filters regularly, at least every two weeks, or more often if dirt and dust accumulate in the workplace quicker or if many people are getting in and out each day. You should also replace them, ideally, every three months. Clogged air filters could block airflow, causing a longer time to cool the workplace. It also makes the system work harder, thus increasing power consumption and affecting the energy bill.

Turn the circuit breaker off

Before touching anything in the system, turn off the circuit breaker for your safety. The AC runs using electricity, so you don’t want to risk getting electrocuted, which can be fatal. Electrical problems could also be a fire hazard.

Get the help of air conditioner professionals

It’s best to enlist the help of professionals who specialize in the maintenance and repair of air conditioning for offices. They are equipped, trained, and knowledgeable to thoroughly check the air conditioner system and determine its problems. They also know the best solutions to various AC concerns, ensuring your system will be in top shape. Besides making sure it works efficiently, you can also avoid bigger expenses in the future. If you fail to immediately take care of the problem, it could lead to bigger problems, requiring a more expensive repair or replacement.

Clean the unit and the areas that surround it

Clean the parts you are comfortable cleaning or leave it to the experts. However, you can clean the areas surrounding the unit since dirt and debris can get into the system. So, keeping the place neat will prevent this from happening. Check vents and ensure that nothing blocks them like office chairs, tables, and other equipment. Keep appliances away from these vents, too, since the heat they produce could affect the cooled air blown.

Ensure coolant lines are good

Coolant line insulation covers the refrigerant pipes or tubes connecting the evaporator to the condenser. See if there is missing or frayed insulation, and replace it accordingly. Besides a new insulation sleeve, an insulation tape can also do the job.

Do not wait for the summer months to start before preparing your commercial air conditioner. Now is the right time to do it to ensure that it works efficiently when you need it.