The Best Places For Crypto In The World: Where Are They

The Best Places For Crypto In The World
The Best Places For Crypto In The World: Where Are They

Do you want to buy something with Cryptocurrency? In recent times there are around 15,000 businesses, which accept payment in the form of Cryptocurrencies. We know it is fascinating to utilize your Bitcoin for paying your dinner bill or grocery shopping.

Among those businesses, approximately 2,000 businesses are from the United States of America. Those days are here when you can pay for your pizza with Bitcoin at Miami’s pizza bar or buy a play ticket at the Seacoast Repertory Theater of Portsmouth.

The Best Places For Crypto In The World

Here is a list of the best places for Crypto in the world, where you can use your Crypto Coins for buying things, paying bills. The list contains those places that have a significant number of businesses and merchants across the entire globe. 

1.     Amsterdam

Have you heard of the mining maker Bitfury? Amsterdam is the place where the story of Bitfury started. Amsterdam is also the European headquarters of Bitpay, the payment service provider. In the Dutch capital, over 40 places are available to spend your Cryptocurrencies. The list of those places includes coffee shops, barbers, bike repair shops, and many more.

2.     Vancouver

We are all aware of the strong Crypto community in Canada. This country has actually taken some regulatory steps to embrace digital currencies. Vancouver is the place from where QuadrigaCX, the defunct crypto exchange, cost C$180 million in client funds after the alleged demise of its own founder. This place has over 50 merchants who accept Crypto payments.

3.     San Francisco

It is not surprising at all that the technology capital of the USA is one of the Crypto hotspots. Two major Crypto trading platforms Kraken, and Cpoinbase, which are also bitcoin code platform, is from San Francisco. Over 100 merchants of San Francisco deal with Cryptocurrencies. There are also several Crypto ATMs at the bay and in the main city.

4.     Miami

Surprisingly, Miami, the major metropolis, has 651 Crypto ATMs along with almost 50 merchants to accept Bitcoin payments. You might be aware of one of the largest and oldest conventions of the Crypto industry, the Miami Bitcoin conference. The government of Miami attracts blockchain business and is also keen to invest city funds in Cryptocurrency.

5.     New York

The technical and financial hub, New York, offers its 8.4 million people to spend their Crypto coins by dealing with around 36 merchants in the metro area. In the lower Manhattan area, there is also a Bitcoin store and CryptoART in Morningside Heights. For some well-known Crypto startups and media companies, like Decrypt, CoinDesk, and CoinTelegraph, New York is the major hub for them.

6.     Ljubljana

The capital and also the largest city of Slovenia is another place where you do not need to worry a little about spending your Bitcoins or other Cryptos. Despite being the smallest city on our list, there are around 200 merchants who claim that they accept Bitcoin payments. This tiny city also has around 11 Crypto ATMs.

7.     El Zonte

We can name this tiny tourist place Bitcoin Beach. El Zonte has the world’s first Bitcoin-centered economy. In the year 2020, this country received its very first Crypto ATM, which is one of the 1500 Bitcoin ATMs that have been installed around the entire country of El Salvador.

8.     London

The capital of the United Kingdom, London is home to almost 8.9 million people, and 50 merchants, Crypto ATMs. The city is also home to one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges of the United Kingdom, Coinfloor. London is also the place where you can easily find a number of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Meetup groups.

Some Better Places

The names, which we have mentioned here, are not the only places where the merchants deal with Cryptocurrencies. Apart from those places, there are many others, such as Portsmouth, Tel Aviv, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, etc. After 2009, when the first Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was mined, the whole Cryptocurrency industry has come a long way and has a long way to go.