Suleyman Kerimov: Entrepreneurship and Charitable Activities

Suleyman Kerimov

Suleyman Kerimov is one of the most prominent Russian entrepreneurs and philanthropists. He provides active support to educational, cultural, athletic, religious, and charitable projects.

Biography details

Suleyman Kerimov was born in the city of Derbent (the Republic of Dagestan) in 1966. After graduating from high school, the young man entered Dagestan State University willing to stick to the path of an economist.

After getting his degree, the young specialist was employed by the Eltav Plant in Makhachkala. His first position was economist, but in a short time, the ambitious young man climbed up the career ladder and became an assistant to the CEO.


In the early 90s, Suleyman Kerimov decided to try his hand at business. As a first step, he chose the banking sector, and later his investment interest expanded dramatically to other market sectors. He was investing in mining, oil and gas, real estate construction, and telecommunications.

In 2015, Suleyman Kerimov accumulated 95% of the shares of Polyus, the gold mining holding. After a while, the businessman transferred control over his shares to his son Said, and Pavel Grachev took the position of CEO.

In the spring of 2022, Kerimov transferred beneficial rights to 46% of his shares in Polyus to the Islamic Organizations Support Fund. The Akropol company became the owner of another 30%. Alexey Vostokov was appointed the new leader of Polyus, and Pavel Grachev left the post.


The scale of Suleyman Kerimov’s charitable activities is nothing short of impressive. The philanthropist has invested heavily in the projects associated with the building and reconstruction of numerous vital social facilities in his native Dagestan.

Among his latest projects is the campus for a free coding school in the city of Makhachkala, and in Derbent, his hometown, he sponsored the renovation and landscaping of the city park, construction of a museum, an observation tower, and the largest light and music fountain in Russia.

Kerimov became a key investor in renewing the main Muslim temple in the capital city of Russia – the Moscow Cathedral Mosque. In Makhachkala, he helped complete the final stage of the construction of the Prophet Muhammad Mosque, the largest religious and spiritual center.

Suleyman Kerimov provides support to talented youth and educational institutions. He funded nominal scholarships to accomplished students pursuing education and science.

The philanthropist sponsored the Anji football team and funded the construction of the Anji Arena stadium in the city of Kaspiysk. He also donated to the local children’s football school, helping increase the appeal of this sport and improve public health.

Another focus of Suleyman Kerimov’s charitable activities is the financing of Hajjs for Dagestan pilgrims who are experiencing financial difficulties. For many years, the philanthropist has been covering the expenses of the believers who want to make the Hajj pilgrimage to Medina. His support helped thousands of Dagestan residents to embark on a religious pilgrimage to the Muslim shrines.