Solicitors In Essex – Know about Your Rights Solicitors in UK


Dealing with legal matters can be formidable, but there are many places to find reasonable assistance and advice.

Solicitors In Essex provide all the essential advice regarding your legal rights and all the other laws. For Essex people just type solicitors near me to find a solicitor in the UK.

Types of Advice Being Provided

General Advice

If you aren’t sure about the advice you require, the best place to seek help is from your nearest citizens’ Advice.

It is a type of charity that provides a massive range of assistance and advice to help individuals resolve their issues related to employment, debt, benefits and many other problems.

You can also check the related information on their site to get affordable and free-of-cost help.

Legal Advice

Essex University gives confidential free legal advice to the local people in the Essex law clinic situated on the campus. It offers legal advice on casework, individuals and groups.

They are solely dependent upon themselves and operate as a non-profit organisation. They give advice primarily on discrimination, housing, employment and immigration.

They guarantee to provide the best possible advice so that you can freely move on in your life.

Steps To Get Legal Advice In Essex, UK

  • Search For A Solicitor

The law society has an independent body of solicitors in England. You can check their website and find a great solicitor for yourself.

  • Get Legal Aid

You might not be eligible for legal advice. But, you can always check about getting legal aid on GOV.UK

  • Help for Individuals With Disorders

The law service offers confidential and free advice for disabled people.

  • Creating A Will

A will is a confidential document that informs about what can happen to your owned assets after your death. You can hire a solicitor to pen down your choice. You can either get a will writing service, or you can write it on your own if you want to.

What To Do If Someone Loses His/Her Life?

GOV.UK has provided a step-by-step guide on the topic – what to do if someone is no more. To register a death, you need to visit the Essex County Council website. You can also check if you’re eligible to help with funeral costs. The website provides all the information on what to do if someone passes away.

Rights As A Patient

The rights of a patient are listed on GOV.UK in NHS Constitution for England. There, you’ll find a detailed guide on your requests.

Your Rights As A Lodger

Your rights as an occupant depend on the tenancy you possess. If you’re not sure about your rights, you can check them on the shelter website, which is Tenancy Rights Checker. The information includes:

  • Leasing from a housing association or a council
  • Private Hiring

The factsheets have the following rights:

  • Security of term
  • Home repairs and all other improvements
  • Rent

Equality & Discrimination Act, 2010

The law that safeguards individuals from unfair treatment is known as the Equality Act, of 2010.

The Citizen’s Advice gives a detailed guide to your rights under the Equality Act 2010.

Final Takeaway

Legal issues and concerns can come to the forefront in the services of your relative’s care in Essex, which can include problems such as housing, funding, disability, will-writing and inheritance. You can also read more about it in Age Space’s Guide related to elderly care.

Thankfully, there is a lot of assistance on hand in Essex to give both you and your relatives some excellent legal advice during tough times, among which a lot is entirely free of cost.

For more information, you can look at the guide or contact them directly.