Shakur Stevenson vs Edwin de los Santos | World Championship Doubleheader

Shakur Stevenson vs Edwin de los Santos

The Live World Championship Doubleheader Shakur Stevenson Vs. Edwin De Los Santos just hit the screens on 16th November 2023. If you also love boxing games, these names will surely excite you a lot.

I take great interest in this sport and am a die-hard fan of Shakur. Therefore, whenever there is a match, I make sure to keep every update on the match. 

Are you keen to know the results of the nail-biting match? Please read this content if you do not want to miss any single detail. Of course, it was not a piece of cake to fight against a champion like Edwin De Los Santos.

However, this match was very important for Stevenson, and his fans were eagerly waiting for another victory. Finally, Shakur managed to win the crown in WBC Lightweight and became a three-division champion. 

It was indeed a glorious moment for the player as well as his fans all over the world. 

Let me introduce you to this amazing match that was held a day before. If you have already seen it, this piece will be a short recap of the energetic session.

However, if, for any reason, you missed it, I am here to give the updates. 

Where to Watch The Match?

The boxing match came live on ESPN at 10.30 pm ET on November 16, 2023, Thursday.

In the attempt to become the three-weight world champion, Shakur Stevenson gave tough competition to Edwin De Los Santos, the Dominican puncher. Although Stevenson was already an Olympic champion in 2016, Santos was no less.

Moreover, when Shakur Stevenson Vs. Edwin De Los Santos becomes the focal point of a game, there will be double excitement, fun, and energy. 

Apart from ESPN, people were able to watch the match on ESPN+ and ESPN Deportes. You can still watch the highlights of yesterday’s match on any of these sports channels.

Furthermore, they are easily available online if you wish to catch it again. The digital operators give smart access to the ESPN+ channels to view the recorded live on various advanced devices. 

Shakur Stevenson vs Edwin de los Santos

The Unbeatable De Los Santos

The record points of De Los Santos is 16-1 till now. This outstanding boxer from the Dominican Republic played his first match in 2018. Interestingly, he was a champion and grabbed 13 victories in his homeland.

Moreover, he did not lose any matches unless it was bad luck during his U.S. debut. The razor-thin split resulted in an unexpected loss in this match against Willim Foster III. 

The World Championship of 2023 is the first-ever shot of Edwin to win the world title.

Therefore, it was a crucial match for this incredible player. However, you must not forget that the opponent is none other than Shakur Stevenson, the silver medal winner in the 2016 Olympics. 

Furthermore, Stevenson gained the title of WBO Lightweight Junior in 2021. As against Oscar Valdez, it took around 12 rounds to decide the final result for WBC 2022. Ultimately, the incredible boxer managed to wear the WBO strap. 

Words From The Champion Himself

The crown for the World Championship Doublehead came to the head of Shakur Stevenson at the end of a tough fight. Additionally, the silver medalist was not very confident when the opponent played really well.

The experts clarified that there were 33 power punches between the two extraordinary players. They were desperate to give their best for the World Championship Title. The defence from both sides was outstanding. 

There was magic in the Shakur Stevenson Vs. Edwin De Los Santo matches that showed dedication from both sides for the game. According to CompuBox, De Los Santos made a record of fighting only 40 punches during the 12 rounds in total.

In the last 38 years, this was the lowest record for any boxer. So, you can imagine how disciplined and well-prepared Santos was for the game. 

When asked, Stevenson clarified his fears of losing the match due to the fabulous performance of the opponent. With every second, the match went tougher. It was indeed a moment of tension for all the viewers and fans.

Stevenson seemed to be busier and always focused on his defence potential. However, after the 12th round, the match was in favour of Stevenson. 

According to Shakur, he did not play as per his expectations in this match. Moreover, he was not feeling good and decided to compromise with whatever result.

However, The splendid player did not miss any second to show the spectacular skills he acquired with practice and experience. This opened the chances of an interesting showdown between Stevenson and Devin Haney.

The three-world championship winner again became the ruler of the boxing ring. 


In the coming days, we expect more such exciting matches. Furthermore, De Los Santos can also become a World Champion in the upcoming days. His performance was brilliant, winning the hearts of hundreds of boxing lovers. 

Thus, the match of Shakur Stevenson Vs. Edwin De Los Santos was unbelievable and terrific. Till the last moment, it was not clear who was going to win the title. An incredible win of Stevenson once again proved the power of his extraordinary boxing skills, even when the competitor is strong.

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