How These 5 Second-Hand Furniture Shops in Bristol Can Save You Thousands


Furniture plays an important role in our home decor. Furniture can make every corner of your space beautiful, besides furniture are very comfortable piece of your home.

There are a variety of furniture available in the market today, and they are of different sizes, shapes, and colors as well. 

However, investing in furniture is a costly affair, it may or may not be useful in your future shifts, That is why, people are more interested in buying used furniture instead of new ones. Also, second-hand furniture comes with lots of advantages. 

Used furniture is also known as second-hand furniture, so if you are interested in purchasing used furniture in Bristol then this article is for you.

Here, in this article, I am going to wrap together the benefits of second-hand furniture, and the 5 best second-hand furniture shops in Bristol. 

So, just stay with me till the end!

Benefits of Second-Hand Furniture:

Purchasing used furniture has various advantages, and here, I am providing a selection of reasons why you should consider second-hand furniture.

1. Old Crafting:

Today’s furniture market is flooded with low-cost items, but the build quality and the material is not high. If you are looking for furniture that meets high craftsmanship and materials then you can look for ancient quality items.

2. Low Cost:

You may consider purchasing used furniture for various reasons, but the cost can be the most exciting aspect. Saving money is one of the main reasons for purchasing used items.

New furniture is very expensive, so you can save a lot of money by purchasing second-hand furniture. If you are in need of purchasing bookshelves, or display cabinets; you can look for used furniture.

3. It’s Eco-friendly:

If we all use pre-owned furniture, it will be helpful to our planet a little bit each time. Disposing of wood furniture is not good for our planet. By purchasing re-used items, there is a chance of owning a product of high intrinsic value. Also, it helps to reduce waste or recycling costs at the same time.

4. Uniqueness:

Most of us want unique pieces, especially when we want to express our personality through the furniture. No one is interested in keeping furniture that is similar to their neighbors or relatives.

So, if you go forward with shopping for second-hand furniture, it will be an exciting way to find out some uniqueness of a very rare piece.

5. It’s adjustable:

Repurposing some home decor material including furniture is a popular trend in today’s design. You can find plenty of ideas on the internet that you can apply to refurbished and used furniture.

Once you purchase a second-hand furniture piece, you can design it according to your preference and add a color of your choice. 

Top 5 Second-Hand Furniture Shops in Bristol:

1. St, Peter’s Hospice:

Address: Brislington Furniture & Home, Unit 5 The Concourse, 39 Brislington Hill, Bristol, BS4 5BE, 

This is a dedicated furniture shop in Brislington that offers a great range of preloved items, from cupboards to coat stands, to beds, to bookcases. You never know what will be chosen by you at this outlet. The shop guarantees you will have a great choice and outstanding value. 

2. Another Time Around:

Address: 222 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8NZ, UK

Another Time Around is one of the top-ranked 2nd hand furniture shops in Bristol. It has been proudly offering awesome furniture to the bristol community for 20 years.

Their services, quality, and value are unparalleled. It specializes in supplying bedroom furniture to the student and private rental market. Also, they provide home furniture too. They offer second-hand furniture pieces at a reasonable rate. 


Second-Hand Furniture

Address: 15 Hanhan Rd, Kingswood, Bristol BS15 8PR, UK

Odds & Todds is a well-established furniture shop in Bristol that offers new and used furniture. It offers a wide range of antiques and collectibles at a reasonable rate.

Their collection of new and used furniture is available in stores as well as online. A range of items including bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, and living room furniture is available at this store.

Also, it offers a great range of garden furniture too. If you are looking for second-hand windows, or doors then you can just grab this store. You can furnish your every corner with its cozy sets. 

4. Harmony House Furniture:

Second-Hand Furniture

Address: 30 Stapleton Rd, Easton, Bristol, BS5 0QX

If you are wondering about 2nd hand furniture shop near me then just head to Harmony House Furniture in Bristol. You can make a visit to this 3-story furniture showroom in Bristol.

Whether you are looking for a used bed for your room, or furniture for furnishing your office, Harmony House is your ultimate destination. Here, you can find just what you need.

They have a wide collection of bedroom furniture, office furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, beds & mattresses, and more. They just upgrade their collection very frequently,

so if you have just found any piece on Facebook, or Twitter, look no further. They have a large stock of used pieces, hopefully, you will be sure to find what you are looking for!

5. Furniture Galore:

Second hand furniture

Address: 148 East St. Bedminster, Bristol BS3 4EW, UK

furniture Gallore is another top-ranked 2nd hand furniture in Bristol. If you are looking to fill your cozy space with some used, but decent furniture items then you must grab at this place. It offers a range of beds, wardrobes, bedside cabinets, a range of sofas, and much more. 

This little furniture store boasts a large amount of furniture, and goods are pretty cheap. Also, this soap offers a free delivery service. 


What are the benefits of reusing old furniture?

Ans: By reusing old furniture, we can reduce the rate of pollution and protect our environment. Another advantage of using recycled furniture is that it helps to conserve resources. You can add a stunning touch to your home decor at an affordable rate.

Is it OK to use second-hand furniture?

Ans: Before purchasing any used furniture, it is important to closely inspect each piece of item for signs of major damage.  There may be some difficult issues that require a huge money to resolve. So, you must be careful about that.


From paying a lower price for higher quality furniture to reducing your ecological footprints, there are an array of advantages to purchasing used furniture. So, if you are interested in purchasing 2nd hand furniture in Bristol then just follow my guide.

Here, I have provided 5 second-hand furniture shops in Bristol, you just choose one or more outlets from my listing and go forward with purchasing. I am very sure that all of the items in each furniture shop align with your needs and desires.