4 Remote Team Building Activities Worth Trying

Remote Team

If your business has followed suit and adopted a remote working model, you may wonder how to ensure your workforce is fully engaged and connected. It can be difficult to know where to begin, especially if you are a stranger to hosting team-building activities virtually or physically. But by doing your research, you can plan a fun-filled day guaranteed to be appreciated by your team. To find out what remote team-building activities are worth trying, continue reading.

Establish a virtual break room

It may not necessarily sound like it would make a considerable difference but with a widespread lack of small-talk, or so-called water-cooler chat, since relocating to a remote working model, employees may yearn for the type of simple communication that happens so naturally in the physical working environment. This can, however, be mimicked by establishing a virtual break room where employees can visit during a morning coffee break or afternoon lunch break to converse with colleagues that they may not have spoken more than a handful of words since they relocated to a remote working model. It may require a little encouragement from an employer or manager but over time, employees should somewhat naturally migrate to a virtual break room.

Host a virtual game

If you are looking to encourage your employees to interact and engage on a personal level, hosting a virtual game can allow your workforce to work together in a comfortable and informal setting as they contribute towards achieving a common goal. This can be done by manually designing and hosting a virtual game in-house or investing in an external provider of team building activities, such as Team Tactics, to deliver a unique and fun-filled experience regardless of whether employees are tuning in whilst on the go or from the comfort of their own homes. It can also allow your workforce to sharpen their existing cooperation, collaboration, and problem-solving skills, ahead of their anticipated return to the physical working environment.

Publish daily photo challenges

If your employees tend to bombard the workgroup chat with photos of their pets, food, or weekend plans, publishing daily photo challenges can be a great way to inspire creativity and provide everyone with something to look forward to every single day. This can be done by asking your employees to share a photo on a daily basis that relates to a particular theme, question, or dilemma, such as the best meal they have enjoyed lately, the view from their window, or the last photo they took of their dog, for example. It can be a fun talking point, especially if communication appears to have dwindled in recent weeks, and a unique way to establish a routine that, when working from home, can become increasingly difficult.

Host end-of-week parties

It may sound excessive but by hosting end-of-week parties, even just during the last 30 minutes of the working day, employees can have something to look forward to throughout the week and always end the week on a high regardless of whether they had an enjoyable or stressful week. This can foster a sense of socialization and highlight any individual or group achievements that took place during the week in a virtual space where everyone’s hard work and dedication can be celebrated and appreciated collectively as a team.

If you are interested in trying remote team-building activities, you can establish a virtual break room, host a virtual game, publish daily photo challenges, and host end-of-week parties.