Top 4 Reasons to Switch Water Retailers as A UK Business (2024)


Running any business in the UK will require a fresh water supply to the premises for various reasons.

No matter the business you run, be it an office, corner shop, or hotel, you’ll need business water for your employees and patrons. It is an essential part of running a business, and if you run physical premises, it is a legal requirement to have running, drinkable water.

But water can get quite pricey depending on your water retailer, where your business is located, and how much water your business consumes. There’s a host of reasons – including the financial aspect – to switch to ensure you get the most from your water retailer.

In this article, we are going to explore our top reasons why you should switch water retailers for your business, starting with the following;

Save Your Capital

The main reason any business owner will switch their water retailer is to save money on their monthly utility bills. The money that can be saved in this way is useful for expanding profit margins and freeing up extra cash to be reinvested back into your business.

It is possible to save quite a significant amount of money by switching your water retailer, but this will, of course, depend on your circumstances. How much it is possible to save will vary.

For example, a hotel could save a huge amount of money on cleaning and housekeeping costs by changing water suppliers, whereas a small convenience store may save less.

It also depends upon your location and what water company will be cheaper for your region. You’ll find that different water companies will pitch you different rates. These rates are based upon numerous factors but where you are and how easy it is for that supplier to serve your business is the main contributing factor for cost.

You won’t know what deal will be best for you until you consider a range of water suppliers.

Customer Service Isn’t What You Expect

While not as common as saving money, switching your water supplier because the customer service doesn’t meet your expectations is a good reason to find a new retailer.

Customer service, as you’ll know, is hugely important for any business, and water companies are no different. If they can’t be bothered to put together a highly-trained, attentive customer service team, then why give them your business?

Customer service teams are pivotal to solving any issues you may have with your supply. They may be responsible for helping you arrange a plumber to fix any issues or to help you correct any information that isn’t quite right.

Any billing issues, for example, may need to be fixed by customer service. If you can never get them on the phone and they take far too long to reply to emails, it can be a long and difficult process to fix an issue like this.

Taking a look at Trustpilot is a brilliant way to assess how good a company’s customer service is before switching.

Confusing Or Inaccurate Bills

When it comes to the billing of your water usage, if your water bill is confusing to understand or you are consistently getting billed inaccurate costs – this is a red flag to heed.

Confusing bills that are hard to understand are a good way for unscrupulous water companies to inflate their administration fees and charge you more when they don’t need to. A firm understanding of every charge and the terminology used on your bill is paramount to ensuring you pay only for what you use.

Additionally, when it does come to receiving consistently inaccurate bills, it may be due to a leaky tap or pipe – both of which will need to be investigated by a water auditor.

However, it also may be the case that your water company bills you inaccurately due to incompetence.

If the issue persists, then it’s time to consider other options.

More Control

Lastly, water retailers that can offer you more control are worth consideration. The more control you have over your water bill and usage, the more you can save and the easier your water supply becomes to manage.

A prime example is switching to a company with a comprehensive, easy-to-use online customer portal. Being able to download any bill or update your billing information remotely, any time of the day, without needing a customer service advisor, is always a benefit.

Often, these customer portals will also provide free water-saving advice and additional support for free.

There may be other reasons to switch, but it is absolutely something to consider.

To Conclude

Don’t overspend on your business water supply; also, make sure you are getting the service you deserve.

Switching water suppliers is fairly simple, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Get the best deal for you and start saving.