Learning About Circles- Perimeter Of A Circle

Perimeter Of A Circle

Studying a shape in mathematics is very fascinating to understand. Various forms are studied like – square, rectangle, triangle, and hexagon. Of all the shapes, the circle is a shape with no ends. It has a round plane boundary.

Studying this shape includes perimeter and area study too. Perimeter is a mathematical word for the calculation of the line going through the whole of the figure. The perimeter of a circle is also known as the circumference that is the total measurement of all boundaries or outlines. It can be measured using various formulae and in several measures such as millimeters, centimeters, meters, or kilometers also. Let us now discuss the topics including the perimeter of a circle, the radius, and diameter of the circle as well as the formulae and area of the circle.

  • The formula to find the perimeter of a circle = 2πR. The formulae of this circle include 2 constants and 1 variable. The value of ‘pi’ is denoted by 3.14 or 22/7. R in the formulae refers to the radius of the circle. The Radius of a circle is the distance of the center point to any point on the boundary of the circle. Diameter is the distance from one point to another at any point on the periphery. Diameter is the double radius and can be calculated by multiplying the radius of the circle by two.   
  • The circle is a shape commonly seen everywhere. The majority of the circles include wall clocks, watches, signal lights, fields, a fan, and whatnot. These are some common examples of shape circles. The Perimeters of these circular objects can be easily calculated by using the formulae of the circumference of the circle.
  • The shape circle also includes various theorems of the circle. These theorems are very useful and practical in real life. Studying theorems might be difficult as well as compelling to learn sometimes. This study includes the area of the circle that can be recognized as πr^2 that expresses the total area of the shape. For the calculation of perimeter as well as area of the figure, knowledge of radius or diameter is undoubtedly required.

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