Guide to Optimise Your Home Office Décor For Productivity

Home Office

Your home office is a hub of activity and focus, so it is only right and proper that you treat it as such. The décor is more important than people first realise, as it can set the whole workday up to succeed or falter. Whatever the shape or the size, there are certain tricks that help create the ultimate work zone. This guide is for optimizing your office décor for the purpose of supporting productivity, so read on to find out more.

Buy Plants

Greenery has lots of advantages in a work environment. It not only improves the air quality in the room, but it also adds a compelling sense of nature that provokes natural motivation. Plants can remove harmful pathogens from the atmosphere around you, meaning that your general body health will benefit too. Sounding good? We thought so! Don’t underestimate the power of plant life, and if you are not particularly in tune with the way of a green thumb, there are low-maintenance options out there just for you.

Use Natural Light

Just like plants, using the sun’s natural light will boost productivity too. It can counteract the symptoms of eye strain from looking at a screen (unnatural light) for increased periods. Headaches, sore eyes, and aching shoulders from overcompensating from the first two ailments are all put on the backseat, according to recent reports from office workers. Situate your main workstation, for example, your desk, in front of a window and aim to leave the curtains ajar so you can feel the benefits of the sun and the sky. If you don’t have an easy way of doing this, there are specialist bulbs you can try out instead, like warm LED bulbs which emulate the desired effect.

Personalise It

An office with a few personal touches gives the brain a few positive viewpoints to draw motivation from. When you look at a picture of someone you love or feel close to, share happy memories with, or feel warmth when you are reminded of them, happiness flows. Even on the least productive days, reminding yourself of your motivational reasons like kids, pets, friends, or parent figures increases positive emotions and instills a sense of self. There are lots of product choices to mix up your décor like:

  • Shop for personalised calendars UK. The perks of a calendar on the wall in an office are practical, and when you combine the administration elements with pictures of everything you hold dear, or perhaps some striking artwork that you admire, it makes it all the more valuable.
  • Artwork from your favourite artist to inspire creativity.
  • Trinkets and figurines that you hold dear on a display shelf.
  • Your favourite books.
  • An office door sign with your professional title to help you get in the work mindset.

Organise It

Decorate your space with organisation in mind. Clutter is not good for mental health and it can have an astounding negative impact on what you can achieve. When you sit in mess, you will be distracted by it and impeded by not being able to find essential assets. Steer away from this path at all costs and invest in some filing systems, shelves, and similar to give yourself the best chance.

Keep Everything Well Equipped

Décor is important but it should be well supported by an office that has everything you need inside of it. Set yourself up for success with the right business laptop, an ergonomic chair, a desk sitting at the right height for your profile, and all the stationery you may require throughout the day. When you have to get up and leave the room repeatedly to collect essential items like pens or chargers, your day becomes unhelpfully discombobulated. Avoid this by including these products in the office and ensuring their presence before you start.

Comfy Furniture

The chair you sit on throughout the day has to be the best fit. If you are uncomfortable physically, productivity won’t come naturally. Focus on sourcing the optimal chair/desk combination that supports your back, neck, and head, and consider treating yourself to a footrest to fine-tune the effect.


Optimising your décor in a home office is easily done. There is a clear route to take, and the core focus in each of the above points is on making it as motivational and comfortable as possible for you personally.