Open a Business on a Dump Truck

Dump Truck

Dump truck is always in high demand. Newcomers in this field should remember the following: the initial costs will be considerable. It is necessary to make a business plan for the use of dump trucks to generate profits. 

The first thing to do is to formalize entrepreneurial activity. It is enough to register a sole proprietorship for small volumes of services. For large-scale procedures (the use of 20 vehicles, staff of 100 people, and working capital of more than 45 million rubles), you should open an LLC.

When registering the type of activity, study the necessity of obtaining a license. It is enough to buy one used dump truck to start a business.

Choose a vehicle

It is recommended to start with ZIL vehicles, specialized vehicles imported from China. This will minimize the initial financial cost. Developing businesses can consider more powerful brands (MAZ, KAMAZ). The criteria for dividing dump trucks are the following:

  • tasks: underground works, quarry, construction, articulated, agricultural, road.
  • type of unloading: free or forced;
  • from which side the unloading is carried out: from the side, back, double;
  • body type: flatbed, hopper, flatbed with boards.

Choosing a dump truck for sale, pay attention to the payload capacity, and the volume of the body. The road version is considered to be a universal model. It can be used in all fields of activity. 

Financial model 

A business plan is drawn up for each technique. This procedure is not complicated but requires special attention. Some parameters of the work of the vehicle are taken into account: the number of trips per day, kilometrage, volume, freight tariff, and availability of working shifts. The financial model is formed by revenue from trips, the profit from the transportation of 1 ton per 1 km, and the profit received for a certain period of time.

For faster profits, buy a couple of machines, and organizing round-the-clock operations. The website–c36 offers dump trucks, the price of which is affordable for entrepreneurial activities.

Calculate the costs correctly

The following brands are in great demand: MAN dump truck, howo dump truck. So, the car is purchased, and the business plan is drawn up. You should also take into account other unavoidable costs: payment for parking, repair work, maintenance of the machine, salary of the accountant, driver, dispatcher, fuel, depreciation, and other services.

By calculating the cost of maintaining the purchased vehicle, you can determine the profit with greater accuracy.

Attracting customers

Doing business with specialized vehicles, you need to understand that the machine has to work all the time. Study the number of construction organizations, and the needs for such services. The car can be used in additional ways: garbage collection, transportation of goods, and the sale of manure. If you purchased a dump truck, you can look for customers for further work. Advertising in the media will also not be superfluous.