Inject New Life into Old Photos with AI Photo Restorer


The ferocious fire breaking out beneath the roof of the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris enables most museums on the rise to keep alert. For one thing, the developing museums need to prevent various disasters like fire; for another, now they are well aware of the importance of digitizing historical documents. Now you need to delve into this situation so as to better put yourself in their shoes. Historical documents usually have endured the erosion of time, thus showing scratches, tears, spots, or less clear details. Hence, if you want to store historical materials in large amounts digitally while restoring scratches or spots, perhaps you can do it with the help of VanceAI.

Part 1: Why choose an AI Photo Restorer?

First, as for why you may see VanceAI Photo Restorer as your first option, perhaps you need to understand the tool’s main functions. Based on advanced AI algorithms, it helps your old damaged photos get rid of such problems as sepia and scratches mentioned above. Except for such main features, it also can help you enhance old photos like the details of the faces (or face enhancement in the same vein) in old photos in ways that can better help your visitors recognize what occurs in the photo. Those featured functions and the latter additional benefits may better encourage you to choose this tool and so you may better remove scratches from old photos online.

Then, I will give you more reasons for the option of the service focusing on old photo restoration by comparing it with the competitive photo editing tool Photoshop. Although Photoshop has been quite popular recently, it is not without its flaws. As is known to us all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Through the picture below, you may directly understand why you should choose the VanceAI service while dealing with a large number of historical photos.

Through AI photo restoration from VanceAI, you can easily deal with a lot of old historical photos in batch mode. That is what Photoshop cannot finish in terms of batch processing. Moreover, the former is newbie-friendly while the latter is not. Do you see Photoshop’s feature bloat including too many features and functionalities? It just seems much easier to puzzle you unlike the service from VanceAI that has easy steps to follow and not so many buttons.

Part 2: How to Restore Old Photos with VanceAI Photo Restorer?

In order to easily bring old photos back to life by using the photo restorer that offers the service of photo restoration, the following steps will show you how to use this service step by step.

Step 1: Enter the official page.

At first, you need to enter the homepage of the photo restorer to engage in the process of photo restoration. On this page, you can see some descriptive words about the product. After reading them, you may better understand the idea of the product. Of course, that is just optional. You just need to enter the below page by entering the link if you just have a clear goal to restore old photos.

Step 2:  Upload a photo to VanceAI Workspace.

Having finished the first step, you need to press the button Upload Image to upload the target you want to restore. Then you will naturally see the VanceAI Restorer Workspace below. After that, you should hit Start to Process and wait for several seconds.

Step 3: Preview and download the restored photo.

Finally, you will get the final result by using AI photo restoration that aims to remove scratches from old photos online. Obviously, there exist major differences between the Before picture and the After one as seen in the disappearance of scratches and faded spots. And thus the restored picture appears more vivid and colorful.

Part 3: Old Photos Restored by VanceAI Photo Restorer

It should not be very difficult for you now to operate this tool after knowing the basic instructions above. In this part, you will see more examples of different kinds of old photo restoration, and then perhaps you may better feel the effect of the photo editing tool offering photo restoration.

Example 1:

Next time you might as well try VanceAI Photo Restorer to restore old photos. Take the instance of the family photo restoration with the aid of AI photo restoration, the before one has many noisy spots and less detailed faces. In contrast, the after one seems to show more details and glossy faces. New life has been injected into the family members in the after one after the process of face enhancement.

Example 2:

In the before one, the picture of the soldier seems a little bit vague and noisy. However, it becomes much clearer and shows smooth texture as seen around the soldier if you use the method of old photo restoration including this old one. And that is exactly the magic of the tool because it aims to bring old photos back to life.

Example 3:

When it comes to another kind of photo like the military plane, it is still true of old photo restoration. It seems much easier for you to find the differences between the two pictures due to the removal of so many vague parts, or dim colors in the before one. Fortunately, most of the problems have been successfully solved in the second one when you restore old photos. Additionally, the surface of the plane also becomes much clearer because of the face enhancement provided by the photo restorer.


If you patiently read the article from cover to cover, I have every reason to think that you will benefit a lot when you plan to restore old photos or enhance old photos. Through descriptive words and convincing examples, it is more likely for you to remove scratches from old photos online and enhance old photos with the aid of VanceAI. The more you use, the more satisfactory results you get.

Additional Choices from VanceAI

VanceAI is a comprehensive website offering you various photo editing tools and quality enhancement tools like VanceAI Image Enhancer and VanceAI Photo Colorizer except for old photo restoration. It allows you to deal with photo restoration anytime, anywhere by offering such AI-powered tools as it gives you online services. It also develops intuitive and powerful cloud-based & desktop solutions driven by advanced AI technology, which actually explains why it can bring old photos back to life. It remains committed to improving users’ working efficiency irrespective of their expertise in images. You will find more efficient and useful tools on VanceAI when you use it in person!