The Most Popular Car Features for Millennials

Car Features for Millennials

Car requirements change over time as people grow, their lives change and technology improves. A young professional will have completely different needs to a parent with two teenagers, for example, and car manufacturers need to stay aware of what the wants and needs of each generation are. Currently, millennials are making up the lion’s share of motorists on the roads and can fall into a few different motorist categories, so what are a few of the most popular features that they look for in a car?


Design is one of the most important factors when it comes to millennials. This is because many see their vehicle as a direct reflection of both their personality and social standing, so they want a car that will impress others and make them feel good about themselves after driving their first car.


Most millennials opt for smaller, compact vehicles like the Vauxhall Corsa as opposed to large options like SUVs. This obviously depends on the individual and their requirements, but smaller cars are much more affordable to buy and run and this could be a major factor why many prefer smaller cars such as the new Vauxhall Corsa. You can also have compact cars that are large enough when you have small kids, but older millennials may look to larger cars as their salaries increase and their kids get older.


As you would imagine, connectivity is incredibly important to millennials. Millennials will prioritize smartphone connectivity and tech so that they can improve their driving experience, stay connected while behind the wheel and benefit from features like directions and real-time traffic updates.


People are becoming incredibly eco-conscious and millennials are a generation that are taking strong action to reduce environmental impact. Therefore, it is no surprise that this group is making the switch to electric and hybrid options both as a way to reduce their impact while also lowering their driving costs. There are now many different types of electric cars to choose from, the charging infrastructure continues to grow and the battery technology has improved, so now is a smart time to switch.


Following on from this, fuel efficiency is another important factor for millennials and, if they do not switch to electric, then they are likely to choose a fuel efficient car. This is because they are much cheaper to run while also helping the motorist to reduce their environmental impact.

These are a few of the main factors that millennials prioritise when choosing a new car. Millennials now make up a huge percentage of drivers and often fall into multiple categories, including young professionals and young families, but you will find that there needs are often the same and reflect the core values that this generation has.