5 Modern & Effective Ways to Reward Staff Members

Reward Staff Members

One: Support Their Physical Health. 

Incentivise staff with free gym memberships for the fitness enthusiasts amongst your team. Gifting health club memberships and covering additional gym classes can be an exciting and unique reward, with options ranging from yoga to spin classes or kickboxing.

If possible you should also explore the creation of personal gym space in your building to further encourage staff to keep fit even when they’re short on time.

The viability of this varies depending on what is available but even a small space with a modest budget can become an appreciated fitness space if considered carefully.

Two: Get Personal with Hand-Written Notes.

Crafting personalised messages of thanks to your staff will mean more than a generic gift card (although keep in mind your written note shouldn’t be the only token of your appreciation). Compose a heartfelt message on a stylish thank-you card using your finest stationery to up the fanciness and esteem of the gesture.

Express sincere gratitude for their dedicated efforts on projects, and tasks, or the positive vibes that they bring to the team. This personalized gesture communicates that you’re paying attention to your employee’s role and recognise the significance of their efforts.

Take this a step further and make a point of showing these ‘thank yous’ off publicly. You can showcase your employees’ accomplishments by creating an appreciation board. Display their achievements for peers and leaders to applaud, fostering a culture of recognition.

Three: Feed Your Team Good Things.

This can manifest in all manner of ways. For example, bring your employees breakfast treats that resonate with their preferences, be it their favourite coffee, pastries, or breakfast burritos.

Be careful not to fall into the trap of always feeding your team unhealthy things, as is often the approach when we think about ‘treating’ someone. Instead, think about ways you can still help staff feel appreciated but keep their long-term interests in mind too. 

For example, consider office snack boxes full of healthy treats or fruit baskets that can be delivered straight to your office floor. You can read more about healthy snack delivery services, including many of the physical and emotional benefits to staff here

Four: Stay Pragmatic with Remote Work. 

Offering scheduled remote working days can grant your office-based employees the opportunity to work from home. This break from the usual routine can boost motivation and productivity, but be sure to establish clear expectations and provide necessary resources. 

While many industries have maintained a remote / office work balance since Covid many others have been pushing to return to full-time office work. Trusting your staff to retain their professional discipline and work commitment without you hovering over their shoulder is a fantastic way to show your appreciation.

On the flip side of this – do what you can to make working in the office more palatable too. For example, you could designate ‘premium parking spots’ for staff members to recognize exceptional performance with particularly convenient parking spaces near the office entrance. Ideally, all employees should have similar parking perks. Streamlining their commuting process demonstrates your consideration for their time and helps take some of the sting out of coming back to work.

Five: Mindfulness Matters.

Do everything you can to preserve the emotional and mental well-being of staff. Offer in-office relaxation initiatives such as head, neck and shoulder massages after significant milestones, hitting quarterly goals or just when you feel like everyone could do with the break. 

This type of soothing reward acknowledges the efforts of the whole team, offers a brief respite and opens the door to a new experience that many office staff may have never had before. Speaking from personal experience – I still tell people about the first ever ‘forearm massage’ I received as it was such a revelation to me! Now this example is interesting as it blends the physical relaxation of massage with the mental benefits of a meditative state.

It’s possible that some staff won’t be comfortable with being physically massaged so be sure to supplement this perk with additional options such as meditation sessions or group tai chi. There are many different ways to forge robust routines that cater to mental health. Speak to your staff to find out what they would like to try and then work to build them into the regular rhythm of work.