4 Alternative Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Wedding Ceremony

Do you feel like every wedding you have attended recently looks a bit generic? Are you looking for a wedding ceremony idea that is a bit more unique?

You might be the type of couple that is looking for a non-traditional, more alternative style of wedding.

What is a Non-traditional Wedding Ceremony?

The rules for non-traditional weddings vary from person to person. Some may call it a “freestyle” wedding, with the only limit being your imagination.

The best part of having a non-traditional ceremony is that you can have whatever you like, you can have a hog roast instead of a sit-down meal, find a great rock band from alivenetwork.com, or simply get married just the two of you in a woodland somewhere.

Anything goes as long as you both agree and enjoy it.

The following list contains just a few ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Symbolic Marriage Ceremony

A symbolic marriage ceremony is more like a commitment ceremony, with a few small symbolic ceremonies inserted into the normal ceremony.

The symbolic ceremonies are given the same importance as the rest of the ceremony. All that is needed is for you to develop a ceremony that will be fun, easy, and meaningful.

Handfasting Ceremonies

Handfasting is an old Celtic tradition that involves binding the hands of the couple together with a cord to symbolize their union.

The cord can be any material, like ribbons and beads, and the wrapping of it will depend on the individual ceremony. Handfasting ceremonies are becoming more popular in non-traditional weddings but can still be considered a bit alternative.

Garden Wedding Ceremony

A garden wedding ceremony is a great way to have a non-traditional wedding if you are on a budget. Many couples choose this kind of wedding ceremony as it is free and will only cost them the time to organize it.

If you want, you can rent out a room in a hotel or country club for the reception and still have it be considered a backyard wedding.

Quirky Ceremony Ideas

Even if you are not using a symbol like the cord above, there are still plenty of other unconventional wedding ceremony ideas that can add a spark to your big day, from out-of-this-world bridal bouquets to zombie wedding cakes.

Just because an idea isn’t what is considered normal or traditional, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun.

Discussing Your Ideas When Newly Engaged

If you are getting married and think you might want to do a non-traditional wedding ceremony to make it special for you, then no worries.

During engagement, you can talk to your partner and get their opinion on what style of wedding ceremony they want.

Think of what you enjoy at a general party and what your dreams for your wedding day must include.

Working together to create a wedding ceremony that is exactly what you want will help you create the best memories ever.

If you are struggling with ideas, try reading some books on non-traditional ceremonies, or attend a wedding fair. There is no need to panic about coming up with a great wedding ceremony – it is your day, and it should be about having fun.