3 Ways that Wire Can Be Used in Business


Wire is one of the components that hold the world together. Its use has spanned industries for hundreds of years and continues to prove its worth in modern society today.

Here are three examples of how wire can be used in business, and how its use and function might have changed over time.

1. Telecommunications

In business, data transmission is essential for maintaining communication with customers and colleagues in this era of modern technology.

Telephone wires are often made with copper, which is an excellent conductor of electricity. The first telephone wire was invented in 1977 and connected the home of Charles Williams Jnr. with his Boston office.

Original telephone wires were made with iron or steel and were incredibly noisy. Although the benefits of using copper wire were known, society lacked the technology to be able to create copper wires that were strong enough to travel from roof to roof.

As of 2026, Openreach has announced the end of copper wires in networks and is now pioneering the full use of a full-fibre broadband network instead, which is up to ten times faster than current connectivity.

2. Internet Cables

Although wireless internet has been around since 1997, wireless connection to the internet is a relatively new phenomenon, and Apple was the first company to offer a wireless connection to their iBook computers in 1999.

Despite wireless hubs offering a wireless connection, many wireless routers still require a wired connection to a telephone line to transmit data.

In recent years, you can now buy entirely wireless internet hubs that use mobile broadband. These are useful for those who travel for business frequently or don’t have a permanent office space.

Companies like Vodafone offer hotspots and dongles for a set budget per month, and you can take your device anywhere on the road with you for excellent and instant connection whenever you need it!

3. Refrigeration Systems

If you work in the food production or transportation sector, you will no doubt be aware of how important refrigeration systems are in keeping food as fresh as possible.

Wire turbulators are responsible for improving the heat transfer efficiency between the refrigerant and the wider environment, and they can also help to prevent frost build-up.

Companies like Ormiston Wire have been manufacturing wire since 1793, and produce high-quality wire turbulators for use in heat transfer and refrigeration. With international delivery, Ormiston Wire is the perfect solution to all your refrigeration needs.

Do you know of any uses for wire in business? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!