How To Stay Safe From Crypto Crimes On The Internet

Crypto Crimes

When times are stressful, you may react more than you think. You may click a link that might invite a nightmare to your computer or other electronic devices. The more advanced and digital we are, the more apparent cyber risks become.

In fact, there are certain industries that have been more affected than the others. Cybercriminals have adjusted to the new changes and have become more focused on tailor-made tactics.

As a Cryptocurrency holder, investor or trader, you are at your own risk. So, how to stay safe from Cryptocrimes?

Today, we will discuss the Crypto crimes that happen in the Crypto industry and how you can protect yourself from Crypto cybercrime.

Crypto Crimes You Need To Be Aware Of

When we talk about cybercrimes, most people can write down a long list. But when it comes down to Crypto cybercrime, people can hardly name a few.

In this section, we will look at some of the most popular Crypto crimes used by cybercriminals.

1. Phishing

Do you know how fishing works? The same concept goes behind explaining what Phishing is. A phishing campaign is spam mail or any other form of communication. The sole intention of phishing is to trick the recipient into doing something that undermines their security protocols.

Phishing communication methods come with unidentified links, infected attachments, or they may ask the recipient to give away their credential for so and so purposes.

The only reason for sharing links and attachments is to send a virus to the computer, which allows the cybercriminal to control the victim’s computer system.

Hence, it is always a good idea to never open any unidentified links or attachments. Or, simply use reputable platforms like crypto engines to make trades and investments.

2. Malware Attack

A malware attack is when a computer system or a network is infected by viruses. A computer compromised by viruses can be used by the cybercriminal for any purpose.

These includes:

  • Stealing important credentials.
  • Accessing your digital assets.
  • Stealing your digital assets.

Furthermore, malware attacks also have a direct link to ransomware. Ransomware is when a cybercriminal holds your sensitive data and uses it to extort money from you.

3. Distributed DoS (DDoS) Attacks

DDoS is a type of cyber attack that cybercriminals do to bring down the entire network of computer systems. Sometimes the devices connected to IoT also fall victim to such attacks.

A DDoS attack overwhelms the system by using a standard communication protocol. This communication channel is used to span the system with connection requests.

Protect Yourself From Crypto Crimes

While the landscape of Cryptocurrency is changing at an astonishing rate, so are the methods cybercriminals use to steal Cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, the investors and traders who are vigilant about their decision can take these precautionary measures.

1. Use Strong Passwords

Be sure to use strong passwords that people won’t be able to guess. Or, if creating a string password might seem a hassle for you, take help from a reputable password generator. And Yes, do not record your password anywhere.

2. Use Anti-Virus

As we have already said, cybercriminals use viruses to infiltrate the computer system. Using an anti-virus might help you create a firewall and protect your system.

3. Never Open Unidentified Attachments

Just like our grandma used to say – never jump into the water without knowing how deep it is, never open attachments without knowing what it is all about. Cybercriminals use attachments to send malware.

4. Do Not Give Out Personal Information

No matter who you are talking to or how important that person is, never give your digital asset information. First, confirm who they are and what their reasons are. Make certain that you are speaking to a person you think you are.

5. Contact Companies Directly About Suspicious Requests

If you get an email asking for your Cryptocurrency credential, hang up. Mail them back to the official email address to see what their response is.

Protect Your Crypto Assets!

Being a Crypto trader or investor, you must ensure that your Crypto assets are safe and secure from cybercriminals. This article has discussed the major Crypto crimes and how you can stay safe from them.