Learn Smart Money Moves: How to Save £10k in a Year!

How to Save £10k in a Year

Financial goals are not limited to an enterprise. It can be an immensely important affair in any ordinary person’s life. Have you ever thought of saving £10K in a year?

If not, I am going to surprise you with some amazing tips. 

£10K is not just a number. It is a massive amount leading to a lavish lifestyle. However, it is undoubtedly possible if you have a bit of planning.

Of course, it is a BIG Amount. The only trick to becoming the owner of it is being a little disciplined and thinking innovatively. 

Please keep a fixed goal and set your target. Saving in parts consistently can lead to a bulk amount at the end of the year. This is what you are going to learn in this blog.

I will give you advice on how to save £10K in a year without hampering your everyday life. Be patient and you can also have a ready-to-use emergency fund. 

Make The Budget

Preparing a budget is the first step for appropriate savings. Therefore, if you want to learn how to save £10K in a year, please formulate a strategy to control your expenses.

Moreover, when you have a budget ready, you will know what to invest in. This will help you in dividing the income and expenses prominently. 

Get more chances to save. Do not think that how to save 10K in a year is like a steep mountain standing in front of you. You can easily overcome the barrier once you are thorough with your financial power. 

Analyse the required expenses and then prepare the priority list. You will see that there are several instances which you can avoid.

This is the perfect trick to keep some more money in your wallet. Want to try several other actions for accumulating 10K? Learn the easiest 10 means to fulfil this objective. 

10 Steps Of How To Save £10K In A Year

How to Save £10k in a Year!

Crunch the amount you are likely to spend. The way to save £10K will automatically open. Here are the 10 major steps for how to save £10K in a year. 

1. Revise Your Budget

Revision is a term we all are acquainted with. However, it does not always signify drastic changes to the existing theories. It may also indicate careful study of the existing theories which you may have skipped earlier.

In this point of how to save 10K in a year, I would like to highlight that only. 

You need to revise or revisit the budget you have already prepared. Furthermore, if you are unsatisfied with your previous budgeting, please prepare it afresh. 

If your expenses are going way ahead of your inflows, it is time to pull that. Check your bank statements to see which expenses you can skip next time.

This will give you enough opportunities to invest profitably or save a good sum at the year-end.

Hence, modifying the budget and developing a more profitable plan is essential. 

2. Cut The Savings

After revising the budget, be clear about the area requiring cost-cutting. Identify the areas where you unnecessarily spend too much money.

For eg. shopping, dinner, parlour, subscriptions, etc. Find out cost-effective methods to reduce overall expenses. Prepare a periodical budget for monthly, weekly, biweekly, or daily. 

New ideas will automatically crop up when you have a fixed target that you need to save a certain amount every month. Think rationally and you can easily categorise the expenditures. Save every day to reach the bigger goal at the end of the year. 

3. Spend Later Save First

Most of us go for spending first and saving later. However, this theory is not fruitful in 90% of the cases. Therefore, if you are not confident about your spending habits, go for a new theory. Save a certain amount first and then keep the rest for spending. 

Please categorise the fixed expenses like your insurance premium, EMI, and the necessary groceries for the month. It will become easier to keep track of your overall expenses.

You may decide to spend some of the volatile expenses in the next period. Maintaining a balance is a key element to saving more. 

4. Divide the Goal Into Steps

You cannot meet a high goal all of a sudden. It will require expensive planning and appropriate budgeting. Although how to save £10K in a year can seem to be an impossible plan, you can still make it. Go for a step-by-step approach.

Divide the huge sum of 10K into small segments. For example, you may set the target as £200 per week, or think about saving £25 every week. 

This will make you more confident regarding your saving techniques. It will look easily achievable. 

5. Good Investment

The next technique to save is making profitable investments. Determine the high-yielding sources and put your hard-earned money.

Some may be subject to market risks, while others may be safer. Do not be aggressive. Learn about the benefits well and then go for the investment. 

Therefore, you can invest in savings or Fixed Deposits earning higher returns or in stocks, mutual funds, and debt funds. 

How to Save £10k in a Year!

6. Savings Will Be Automatic

Are you surprised by looking at this point? I am pretty serious while mentioning that savings can be automatic. You can plan for a direct deposit to different accounts as soon as one of your accounts gets a sum of money. 

Arranging for recurring deposits can also be a good contributor to your savings. 

7. Track Your Progress

When you want to save £10K, it is essential to keep track of your financial status. Sometimes you will succeed in your plans, while you will not be happy on many days.

However, if there is higher spending on one occasion, try to match up by adjustments in the subsequent period. 

You have to be determined to save and things will fall into place eventually. 

8. Opt For A Side Hustle

Are you unsatisfied with the permanent earnings for saving a massive amount like 10K? You can always take a side hustle to fulfil the goal.

It can be different inflows from temporary sources. You may participate in any online competition and win prize money, or you can do translations online.

Moreover, you may often make money by selling some of your books or old furniture online. Lottery winnings can also be considered in this respect. 

9. Shop for Cheaper Items

When you are a shopaholic, you must think of other ways to save your money. Go for the cheaper items. Compare the rates of every item while you are shopping.

Choose the cheapest source to ensure meeting the target on time. 

Similarly, you should opt for cheaper services. These can be services like phone bills, insurance premiums, etc. You must believe that every pound counts a lot.

So, even if you are saving only one pound, that will make a huge difference. 

10. Try Hard, Don’t Lose Hope

How to save £10K in a year is all about determination and determination. It may not be possible to change all your spending habits at once. You need to give yourself some time to adjust with the changed circumstances. 

Think about the benefits after saving 10K in a year. This will influence you to keep a check on your habits.

However, once you are one step ahead in this journey, please be consistent. Undoubtedly, you will reach your goal very soon. Never lose hope, whatever the result. 


1. Saving 10K in a year- Is it real?

Undoubtedly, saving 10K is a real thing. You can consider only 10 important steps and learn how to save £10K in a year. 

2. What is the secret of saving a huge amount of money at once in a year?

You must be patient and dedicated to saving a good sum of money in a year. Do not be aggressive or try to save forcefully. Give some time to your saving patterns, and slowly increase it. Sudden change will not give you ay fruitful result. 


Always be graceful while planning your roadmap for saving 10K. Hope this guide on how to save £10K in a year gave you a vision of the possibilities. Invest more of your time to understand the different sources for more savings. Cut short your overall expenses, and increase your saving pattern every day. 

Keep track of your progress. Check that you are not overspending. You will be surprised how you overcame so many hurdles to reach your target. You can discuss with your spouse or any expert to increase the savings.