How to Include a Good Mix of Evergreen and Topical Material in Your Marketing Content


Creating an eclectic mix of marketing content is crucial to any decent and successful marketing campaign. As such, if you want to stand out amongst your competitors and also get your audience talking, it is really important to include evergreen content as well as topical material. Failure to do this may leave your campaign lacking and may also mean that it becomes redundant after a little while.

Evergreen content and how best to add it to your campaign.

As Forbes put it, evergreen content can be your ticket to growth. Evergreen content is any piece of your campaign that is relevant now and that will still be relevant in several years. For instance, if you are a furniture company, you may write an article entitled “How to use furniture to compliment your room”. This article will be relevant to your current campaign but it will also remain an informative piece for a long time to come. If people search for such a subject in the future, they may be directed to your article, meaning that this piece of content continues working for you long after your campaign is finished. 

It is important to use evergreen material in your campaign as it gives it some longevity. There is little chance of such material trending or going viral, but it will provide excellent value for money and may drive sales for a prolonged period of time.

The best way to add this type of content to your campaign is to write informative articles or interesting pieces on things you feel your customers are likely to want to know about.

Topical material and how best to use it in your campaign.

Topical material is often referred to as ‘newsjacking’. The reason for this is it normally involves taking a current news story or event and designing a campaign around it. By linking your campaign and your brand to this current event, you piggyback on the momentum that the current event has already gained for itself. Political events, royal marriages and jubilees, football celebrations, and the Olympics are all good examples of topical subjects to which you could anchor your campaign.

Topical marketing does have some risks, as highlighted by Forbes in this article discussing a campaign that was run by Nando’s. However, when conducted correctly, topical marketing can significantly increase the reach of your campaign and may even ensure that it goes viral.

How to blend topical and evergreen material successfully.

When creating your campaign, you might like to use a company like Pulsar, which can help you personalize your marketing strategy and ensure your campaign hits the right spots with your audience. Such a company can also provide analytics and insights to ensure that your campaign is on track and is having the desired effect. By using this kind of service, you can take a lot of stress out of the job.

If you wish to try and tackle the job yourself, then this is a lengthier process. It requires searching out what topics your audience might be interested in so you can create factual evergreen content.  You will also need to search through all the big news stories and look for clever ways in which to tie your brand into them.