How to House Train a Cat: An Ultimate Guide on Common Challenges and Solutions


Yes, you can train a cat to come on command and use the toilet, and many more. Many people think that dogs are trainable and they work for us, but a cat? No way!

This misconception can harm a species and most people are unaware of the fact of cat training and behavior intervention resources. If a cat develops an unbearable behaviour that is intolerable to his master and it will not go away on its own.

So, from the very beginning, you need to litter train your cat. Cats are normally very clean animals. But you must remember that you should be very calm and patient with your cat and never punish them if it goes outside of the litter tray for the toilet. The cat won’t understand why you are telling them off and it may cause serious problems as they can get anxious and stressed.

So, if you have adopted a new cat or kitten then they might have facing problems using the litter tray at first. But, if you follow proper guidelines then on some days, you can house-train the cat.

Here, in this article, we are going to wrap up some common challenges and their solutions to housing train a cat that you might be facing right now. So, this article is for you. Perhaps you will get the best practice here to follow to train your new cat.

Let’s dive into the deep!

How to house-train a cat:

train a cat:

House training a cat is a relatively easier matter but you should follow a few guidelines. These include: you will require

  • A litter box: you can choose a standard tub model, also you can go with a self-cleaning litter box.
  • Fresh cat litter: Clay litter, recycled newsprint, and sand are very few possible choices.
  • A slotted litter scoop: This is required to remove the solid waste and litter clumps.

Common challenges and solutions of house training a cat:

If your cats won’t use the litter tray then you can follow these few steps to help them learn to use the litter tray. Here are a few steps includes:

1. Litter tray location:

If you have selected a certain area of your home to keep the litter tray that the cats are not using, pay attention to where they do go. You can try to put the litter tray down where they have been going to the toilet. This can encourage them to use the litter tray.

You can keep an eye on your pet whether they prefer to go to the toilet. You can encourage the kittens to use the litter tray by putting them near the tray. You must encourage them to go to the toilet. You may require to put some time but you should keep trying. Within a few days, they can grasp the idea of using the litter tray.

2: The right litter and tray:

If you have shifted the litter trays to the place then your cat always seems to go to the toilet. However, they might not be going to use the litter tray. It may not be the location that is the issue. You can try experimenting with a variety of litter trays. Then you may find that they have a preference.

Some kinds of litter trays can be uncomfortable for their paws whilst some of the trays may not absorb the urine very well. That can mean the cats don’t want to get wet their paws.

If you found that they become happier with the litter but still don’t prefer to go to the toilet in their tray, then you must try a different one. Some cats like the hooded trays over the standard open ones.

If your cats are straining to go to the toilet but also seem uncomfortable then you can seek help from the experts. Also, if you found that they are not toileting as normal then you can seek help from professional vets.

3. The reward for good behaviour:

Once you have observed that your cat prefers a kind of litter tray and in which location they prefer to use the litter trays, you must keep an eye on them. You must notice when they look like they need the tray.

When they have been to the toilet in their tray then you should give them a lot of praise. Thus, they will know that they have done something good.

But it can be a little longer journey, so you should keep patience and should not scold or shout at the pets during this journey. It may take a little time but your cats will use their litter tray for the toilet.

You must always observe their activities and if you notice they are having problems going to the toilet then you can take them to the vet.

If you have a male cat that is straining while passing urine then you must consider this fact as a real emergency and consult to vet immediately.


Is it hard to house-train a cat?

Ans: If compared to a dog, then house training a cat might be something easier. Kittens are easily adapted to a pattern of routine and new surroundings. You must house train your cats following guidelines to make it quicker and easier.

Do cats enjoy their house training?

Ans: According to some experts, cats enjoy their house training journey. Cat training is an effective way to get attached to your cats. During this long journey, your cat will become knowledgeable of some words.


If you are a first-time cat owner then house training your cat seems to be difficult. But if you consider the best guidelines to house train your cats then it will become a happier and fun-filled journey. You must teach them the basics first. Cats are very clean and smart animals.

However, while house training your cats then you might face some challenges but you must remember that all the problems come with their solution. So be calm, and relaxed; your cat will become house-trained within some time frame.

Here, in this article, we have covered some of the very common challenges and their solutions that might be helpful to you in this long journey.