How to Hire a Car in the UK and Save Money: 5 Tips for Getting More Value and Avoiding Extra Costs

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Everyone knows that travelling is the best way to broaden their horizons, to get to know the world and themselves.

The diverse and sophisticated United Kingdom is an excellent country to test this belief in since it is one of the most popular holiday destinations around the world.

A road trip is a brilliant idea if you want to see as much of what the country has to offer in just a few days. The great thing is that if you follow the 5 tips below, you can hire a car in the UK and save money.

5 Tips to Hire a Car

Tip 1: Book in advance

This is a typical tip when it comes to anything travel-related. The fact that it is so common in travel guides means that there is validity in it. We can assure you that it is true for car hire as well.

If you hire a car in the UK a few weeks or even a month before your trip, you are likely to secure a lower price compared to booking closer to the pick-up date. This is the case because the closer we get to the pick-up date, the higher prices get.

Tip 2: Book online

How are you supposed to find the best hire car and book it weeks before your trip? You can use the Internet. You can visit travel websites like where tourism experts have gathered all the great car hire offers from trustworthy companies in the UK.

The aim of such sites is for travellers to not only evaluate their options but also book the one that satisfies their needs there and now. The user-friendly environment and the clear terms used in these virtual spaces make online car hire bookings easy for everyone.

Tip 3: Fuel policy

If you are not familiar with car hire, fuel can be a headache. There are two main things that you need to remember when it comes to this issue: know whether you need to fill the tank before returning the vehicle or not and avoid prepaid fuel policy.

To be more exact, some car hire firms ask clients to return the car with the gas tank full. Otherwise, they are being charged.

After informing them about this condition, employees tend to offer clients the option of prepayment for a full tank of gas. You are advised to turn this option down because it is usually cheaper to just go to a local gas station and refill the tank before the drop-off time.

Tip 4: Mileage limit

Another issue that you should know about when you hire a car in the UK is the mileage limit because it may lead to additional costs.

Inquire about your car hire company if they impose a restriction on the number of kilometres you are allowed to drive using their vehicle. If you believe that there is a chance to get close to that limit, it is better not to go through with this car hire.

Tip 5: Read the car hire agreement

Before you complete a car hire procedure either online or in person, you should read the agreement carefully. Make sure that you understand your rights and your obligations.

Pay close attention to the terms that outline situations where the car hire company can impose additional charges on you and avoid doing anything that will get you into trouble.