How to Dispose of The Unused Washing Machines With The Help of A Rubbish Removal Company in London?

Washing Machines

We all use washing machines in our homes. Ranging from small fans to large washing machines, most homes have many appliances that are in use or are waiting to be used. From the latter category, we are sure every home has one broken washing machine, which is just waiting to be used. It remained so long, was so unused that these applications slowly started to rust and become quite an ugly scene, that you had no choice but to move them to a storage place or in the back of your homes just to get them out of the way. 

You forget about them until it is time for the garage clearance day or tidying the shed, and that is when you notice the rusty, old washing machine lying there, in such a bad condition that it is practically screaming to be disposed of. So now that we have a little insight on today’s topic, let’s move to another vital issue that – yet again – connects to the article’s title.

Global warming. 

Let’s face it; we all know what this is and what is majorly causing it. The majority of people will answer that the leading cause of Global Warming is Plastic. When we hear the term ‘plastic’, the first thing that comes to mind is plastic bags. But plastic disposal constitutes so much more than plastic bags. Plastic is a material that surrounds our life whether we like it or not. Most of the appliances that we use are somewhat made of plastic. So when the time comes to dispose of the material, the plastic – a non-biodegradable material – where does it go?

Is it recycled, thrown away in a ditch, or is the material reused? And what about those materials which cannot be reused, and the plastic part of the machine has to be disposed of? Appliances like microwaves, washing machines, fans, et cetera predominantly constitute plastic. While they work efficiently, they work great and provide no headache, but once it is time to replace it, do we ever think of what will happen to the environment once the plastic part of the machine is thrown out? One of the best things to do with discarded plastic is to recycle it. Dispose of it with the help of a rubbish removal company in London and help save the planet simultaneously. It seems like a win-win situation, right?

Rubbish removal companies in London help you take out the unused or rarely used machines from your homes to send them to another house with more need and demand or for recycling.

You can follow simple steps to get rid of your unused machines.

  • The first step is to call the desired number of the rubbish removal company.
  • The second step is to let them know about the device or material you wish to part with.
  • The third step is the company sending their officials to take the machine or material from your home.
  • The fourth and final step is relocating the machine or sending it for recycling. 

 All in all, these steps indicate how the rubbish removal company in London work, And it is pretty universal in every country. So, hiring these rubbish removal companies is the best option for getting rid of your unused machines.

Washing Machines

There are many reasons why.

  • Firstly, the services that these companies provide like avoiding the process of landfilling if possible. 
  • Most of these companies have friendly uniformed staff who help you every step until you can get the machine off your hands. 
  • Finally, most of these rubbish removal companies have licenses and insurances, making them the most credible and responsible people to relocate or recycle your old, unused machines.

Mostly what rubbish removal company in London do is that they collect the items, either send them for recycling or reinstall them in new homes. In addition, many rubbish-removing companies donate to various charities, which is also a plus point for these companies.

 Why used washing machines need to get recycled?

If anyone has ever operated a washing machine, try lifting it. If you didn’t, it would be pretty significant. So, in conclusion, we can say that just the process of trying to move a washing machine is a whole nuisance. It’s a more significant pain when trying to remove it. 

Aside from the heavy, awkward lifting, such a big machine can severely affect the environment if it undergoes improper disposal. As the device grows old, it accumulates harmful and extremely damaging components and chemicals that begin to disperse into the air when left to rot in the landfill. The role of these rubbish removal companies in London is to take the proper steps required to handle your washing machines carefully and use the necessary and ethical methods to get rid of them. 

These companies know how to remove washing machines sustainably. But before they release it, they must check the entire washing machine, and if it still works, they do their best to relocate it to a new home. The rubbish removal company in London offers affordable prices for removing these washing machines. Some even provide same-day rubbish removal so start contacting your rubbish removal company.


Rubbish removal companies in London like technology while considering making the best use of rubbish. Most people consider disposing of unused washing machines rather than prefer to recycle. Recycling does not only utilize the waste resources to create useful products but also helps in resolving the environment. The biggest resource for maintaining a balance between waste products and new products is the process of recycling. Rubbish removal companies in the UK use advanced tools and systems to recycle up to 95% of the unused washing machine. There are many substances available in washing machines that are harmful to the environment. Proper care is required to ensure the durability of the unused washing machine. Most of the unused washing machines are pretty older that contain chlorofluorocarbons which cause the depletion of the ozone layer.