How Personalised Lanyards Can Help Improve Office Morale


More and more businesses are throwing out their old, basic lanyards and switching them for new, branded lanyards. Branded lanyards can feature your brand logo, brand messaging, and your brand colours.

But how can personalised lanyards help to improve office morale? What are the key benefits of personalised lanyards? That’s what we’ll be exploring in this blog post.

Read on to learn more about branded lanyards and how they can be used to help boost morale in the office.

What are Personalised Lanyards?

Lanyards are typically used to hold and display ID badges. They’re often made of durable materials – for example, nylon or polyester.

Although many lanyards are plain with just one colour, lanyards can be personalised to reflect your brand image. They can come in a range of colours and styles and even have text or images imprinted on them.

Whether you use them in the office, at corporate events, in schools or universities, or at conferences, personalised lanyards are a great way to boost morale. 

Ways That Personalised Lanyards Can Boost Morale In The Office

So, now you understand what a personalised lanyard is and where they are worn, let’s explore some of the ways that branded lanyards can boost morale in the office. 

Personalised Lanyards Can Improve Brand Image 

First and foremost, personalised lanyards can improve your brand image and increase brand exposure. Choose a colour lanyard that reflects your business or match the colour with your brand logo. 

Make your lanyard stand out – ensure that your branded lanyards have an impact on anybody that sees them. Many organisations will ask their employees for ideas on how to personalise the lanyards. This can make your employees feel valued. 

Ultimately, personalised lanyards provide a sense of belonging – which can have a positive effect on office morale. A personalised lanyard is something that you can feel proud to wear.

Personalised Lanyards Are An Affordable Option 

As opposed to other branded items (for example, personalised mugs or branded uniforms), personalised lanyards are an affordable way you can promote your brand. 

Although plain lanyards hold the same function as branded lanyards, printed lanyards can be an affordable way to look professional too. 

Additionally, because personalised lanyards are relatively inexpensive, your business can save money – and this money can be spent elsewhere on the business to improve employee morale

Personalised Lanyards Can Boost Well-Being 

Personalised lanyards can help employees feel seen, and can improve their confidence. When you personalise lanyards, you are helping employees feel more confident in their roles. 

For example, employees that work in sales can confidently knock on a customer’s door knowing that their name, job role and business name are clearly visible for the customer to see. 

If you were to choose between a basic black lanyard or a lanyard that displays your business branding, you’re sure to lean more towards the latter.

Whether the lanyard is for employees or visitors, they’re sure to feel much more confident with personalised branding. 

Personalised Lanyards Increase Security 

One of the key benefits of personalised lanyards is that they can improve security. Personalised lanyards can feature your brand logo or brand motto – which can clearly display that somebody is an employee in the office. 

Adding personalisation to logos can ultimately decrease the chance of having a security breach. Anybody that isn’t authorised to be in the office or any other workspaces can clearly be identified as they won’t be wearing the company lanyard. 

Many businesses will use easily-distinguishable colours or text on their lanyards to make it easier to recognise. For example, staff may be given a red colour, management may be given a yellow colour and visitors will be given a blue colour. 

Most people will use personalised lanyards to hold digital ID cards or ID badges, which enable access to certain areas in the workplace. 

If employees feel secure, they will likely be much more productive. They will feel valued, which can improve office morale.