How Landlords & The Letting Agents Can Make A Tenant’s Life Better?

Letting Agents

Almost everyone longs for his/her own home.  Unfortunately, due to various reasons, many of us cannot fulfill that dream just yet.  So renting a home is the alternative.  Still, it is having a roof over your head and a place to return to after the day’s work is over.  Whether a tenant is happy with the condition of the place he/she calls home depends a great deal on the landlord or letting agent.

Although the letting agents will be in charge of managing all aspects of the rented property, the landlord is the one who is still legally liable.  The agent acts on behalf of the landlord to ensure that all legal responsibilities to tenants are fulfilled.  As letting agents in Maidstone, the largest town in Kent, will concur, although they work for the landlord and there is no agreement between the agent and tenant, they do their best to ensure that the tenant’s needs are met.

A few suggestions on how landlords and letting agents can improve the life of a tenant are given below:


It makes a big difference when the landlord/agent develops a harmonious relationship with a tenant.  If there is a problem with the rented property, having a known person to turn to is a great help.  By maintaining a good relationship with the tenant including an assurance that things will be seen to, the letting agent (and the landlord) gain the tenant’s trust, which can be mutually beneficial.  It gives the tenant an opportunity to confidently settle in and air his views without aggression.

Choice of location

This is an important aspect for the tenant.  For instance, where there are Kent houses to rent, if the tenant is offered a choice, it can be the one factor that makes him/her content or dissatisfied.  Some tenants prefer being close to family or friends.  While for some the priority is proximity to transport, work or schools, others prefer places of peace and quiet.  If landlords and letting agents can ascertain and offer what the tenant is looking for, it could lead to a satisfactory conclusion.

Quality of property

Property staging is on the rise, but that is not the only aspect to attract a tenant.  Some people prefer decorated and fully furnished homes, while others would like an empty place, to refurbish according to their taste.  Landlords and letting agents can help by providing a property to suit the needs of the tenant.  Of course, they will ensure that it is in good condition, well maintained and that all necessary repairs have been carried out.

Financial constraints

Housing affordability is sometimes a big problem for tenants, especially in these pandemic times of job loss, redundancy, withdrawal of furlough schemes, etc.  The stress on some tenants is enormous and having an understanding landlord or letting agent is a great help.  If the tenant can be offered some flexibility, either with rent payments or management of housing costs, it builds a sense of loyalty within the tenant.  This will help sustain the tenancy and benefit both the tenant, who knows someone cares and the landlord, who will not have the bother of looking for a new tenant!  As one tenant, from research conducted recently, claimed, “The fact that they are looking out for my own well-being … helps me get through.”

Documentation and Information

A potential tenant will need to provide documents to prove that he/she has the “right to rent”.  Before these documents are handed over, the tenant, as per the suggestion of Citizens Advice, needs to “Get your landlord’s or letting agent’s name and contact details before you give them your documents.”  The agent should not withhold such information and if there is transparency on both sides, it will lead to a smooth transaction.


Misunderstandings often arise over the landlord or letting the agent right to enter the property. A landlord legally needs to give 24 hours’ notice before an inspection can be conducted.  Hence, if more notice is given, it gives the tenant extra time to prepare.  As advised by a professional to landlords,  “You should also give plenty of warning if you want to carry out repairs, unless you have to gain access in an emergency.”


The ideal situation would be to have a content tenant and a satisfied landlord/letting agent.  To attain this amicability, the main issue for all three parties involved is that they understand each other and do their utmost to provide the best service.  This means that the landlord and letting agent focus on the contentment and wellbeing of the tenant and the tenant, in turn, lives peacefully in the rented property and takes care of it.