Horror or Fun? Top 11 Halloween Events for Kids in London

Halloween Events for Kids

We all love Halloween and It is one of my favourite festivals, only second to Christmas and Thanksgiving, you get the gist.

But especially for kids it could be a chance to make life-long happy memories. This is why we have prepared a list of the best Halloween events for kids in London. 

We select the most happening Halloween events for kids 2023 around London and bring them to you in this exclusive festival special guide.

Let us get started. 

Halloween events for kids in London 

1. WWT London Wetland Centre 

Halloween Events for Kids

When we think about some spooky fun, we think of interactive trail in the dark, magical potion making, and nature art workshops all for Halloween-themed fun and scary night outs—a perfect place for a spooky family time.

Adam’s family, here we come at this Halloween event for kids in London!

  • Location: Queen Elizabeth Walk, Barnes, London SW13 9WT 
  • Opens: 21st to 29th October 
  • Pricing: £15.40 – Adult, £11.00 Child

2. Halloween Hampton Court Palace 

Halloween Events for Kids

Few places come to life like Hampton Court Palace, when the time comes for ghosts, and gothic spookiness at Halloween.

Half of the October this palace shall be filled with atmospheric projections, and deadly sound effects that will make you goosebumps all over.

This Halloween event for kids in London is not for the faint-hearted, My friend. 

  • Location: Hampton Court Palace, East Molesey, Surrey, London KT89AU
  • Opens: 21st to 29th October 
  • Pricing: £26.30-£29 Adult, £13.10 –  £13.00-£14.50

3. Go Watch “Wicked” 

Halloween Events for Kids

What better season to watch Wicked at Appollo Theatre, the play is meant for kids and is an exhilarating performance.

This performance is about the Wicked Witch of the West, it has won around 100 International Awards.

This is a delicacy you should not miss and take your family on this adventure, one of the best Halloween events for kids in London. 

  • Location: Apollo Victoria Theatre – 17 Wilton Road, London SW1V 1LG
  • Opens: Tuesdays to Sundays 
  • Pricing: £25 each ticket 

4. Cammas Hall Farm – Return of Undead

Cammas Farm Resurrected is a basic way to start your Halloween Month.

This spectacular Halloween even for kids in London starts on the 13th of October, organizers, you just made this day freaky.

Go visit the Wicked Walkway, and get lost in the terror tunnel. Afterwards, you can enjoy thrilling performances with music from Pumpkin Patch. 

  • Location: Cammas Hall farm, Needham Green, Hatfield Broad Oak, CM22 7TJ
  • Opens: 13th to 28th of October
  • Pricing: £7 for every entry. 

5. The Belgravia Pumpkin Trail

Halloween Events for Kids

This is Bulgravia’s turn to host the most celebrated Halloween event for kids in London.

They feature their greatest pride, the annual pumpkin trail. Coupled with cocktails, and seasonal flower displays.

You will have Halkin Bar drowning people in pumpkin Pie Martinis, and the coffee house for TomTom serving delicious bunches. 

You will also find free ghost tours all set and scheduled, all haunted by lonely soldier zombies, Lord Lucan’s Ghost, and Plumber’s Arms Pub. Get more info on their website. 

  • Location: Various Locations, London 
  • Opens: October 23 to October 31st 
  • Pricing: It’s Free people!!

6. Big Fish Little Fish Halloween Family Rave 

Truly a wonderful family-exclusive Halloween event for kids in London.

Take part in the rave with your kids and enjoy it to the fullest with your family, This event will be held at Colour Factory. Specially designed for parents and kids of all ages till eight years old. 

Sprawl on the multisensory dancefloor which is sure to be filled with exciting and colourful things such as foam, bubbles, and giant balloons.

The DJ man will be playing tech house tines just you, there are also various activities.

Such as craft tables, face painting, a soft play area, and well a licensed bar for gasping for air moms and dads. 

  • Location: Colour factory, 8 Queen’s Yard, London, E9 5EN
  • Opens: October 28th 
  • Pricing: £8 Child, £11 Adult. 

7. Urban Pumpkin Patch at Crowcross Yards 

You my friend are in luck because Crowcross Yards will be organizing London’s first-ever Urban Pumpkin Patch.

The city will come together for community spookiness. You would not need to go outside the urban jungle to find your Halloween spirit.

Visitors may take the pumpkins of their choice and they will also offer 50 free spray-painted mini pumpkins on a first-come-first-serve basis. You better find your spot in the front of the line.

Entry to this wonderful event is free, you will also have the pleasure of the the KERB food market. Making this one surely a wonderful Halloween event for kids in London. 

  • Location: Cross Yards, Farrington, 9-13, Cross St London EC1M 6DR
  • Opens: October 25 and October 26
  • Pricing: Entry is Free

8. Visit The London Dungeons 

Nothing is more better than a terrifying night spent in the dungeons. Where you will be transported back to 1815, and escape charges of treachery on the way. What is inside the dungeon?

Well, only explorers who come out will be able to tell the tale and you must choose to find the answer yourself. 

It is recommended for older kids from 10+ and it is so worth booking the tickets before they sell out.

This Halloween even for kids in London runs from 13 to 31. Sales for advance ends 12th October. 

  • Location: Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminister Bridge Rd, London SE1 7PB
  • Opens: All days
  • Price: Online – £33, anytime entry- £43 

9. London Bridge and London Tombs 

Travel to a realm forgotten on the scariest night of the year and explore the two-thousand-year-old dark and gory history of London streets as a part of the London Bridge Experience.

You will find live actors entertaining by playing characters from the most notorious ones in history. Such as Jack the Ripper, and William Wallace. 

Explore the scare maze in Londo Tombs, this Halloween event for kids in London is suitable for children from four years of age but tombs are only for children 11+ years of age.

The Tombs UK’s scariest attraction for thirteen-plus years till now and for a good reason. 

The Guardian Angel tour is for kids eleven years and under, while the rest of the Halloween experience is for 16+ and older teens who might be feeling brave that night. Don’t miss this one. For discounts check their site

  • Location – The Rennie Vaults, 2-4 Tooley ST, London SE1 2SY 
  • Opens– All days, Halloween special – October 20 – October 21 
  • Pricing: £26.95 Adult, £19.50 Child, 

10. Fright at KidZania London Festival 

Fright at KidZania London Festival 
Image source: https://kidzania.co.uk/whats-on/halloween-2023

One of ht best places you can take your kids for a good fright. meant for younger kids, go to London Westfield and experience a family scare at one of the best Halloween events for kids in London.

This is for kids aged 4 to 14 years of age. Check more at their site. 

The young ones will get to meet witches, ghosts and wizards in this mini city scattered with haunted houses, and spooky sightings all around. Enjoy Halloween costumes at the fashion Studio, and learn Wednesday’s spooky dance at the dance studio.

There is also a ‘Fight Your Fears”  event to build confidence and provide the young with a sense of empowerment. 

  • Location: 1 Ariel Way W12 7GA, United Kingdom 
  • Opens: October 12 to November 5 
  • Price: £19.50 Adult, £35 Child (4-14 years)

11. The Ghost Bus Tour 

Orrible Ombus takes you around the city while exploring the west end and south of the river, the trip will enlighten you about the spookiest facts about various landmarks of London.

It is set on the necropolis bus of London, the colour of the darkest night, just sitting in will give you shivers, but the experience is worth it. 

  • Location: 8 Northumberland Avenue 
  • Opens: All days 
  • Price: Adult £25, Children £17


We hope you have enjoyed our curated guide on Halloween events for kids in London, we have tried our best to incorporate the best Halloween events for kids in 2023 and we wish you a very spooky Halloween month. We advise you to book your tickets in advance.