Hair Transplant in Turkey – A Timeless Medical & Travel Trend


Whether or not you’ve experienced hair loss before, you’ve probably heard by now about the incredible success of Turkish hair transplant surgeons. People from all over the globe are traveling long distances to receive the world-class medical treatment that Turkey is famous for.

How did this enchanting country become the capital of hair transplants? According to Turks and their patients, a combination of quality and price is responsible for this.

If your hair has started to fall out, pay close attention – very soon, you’ll start hearing about Turkey from everyone you know. Here’s why Istanbul is the best place in the world to get a hair transplant and why it’s cheaper to fly there than to have a similar procedure at home.

The World of the Hair: Expertise, Experience, & Professionalism

Hair estheticians at The World of the Hair, which is one of the best-known hair clinics in Istanbul, say that there is more than one reason for Turkey’s booming medical tourism. Their website names a few – expert staff, years of experience, and a professional approach to patients.

But this is not all. The World of the Hair is also respected for its all-around patient care and hospitality. Should you choose to have your hair transplant in Turkey, a luxury vehicle will pick you up at the airport, transport you to and from the hotel, and even take you for a city tour.

And this whole package will still cost you less than a UK surgery.

Turkey has a unique economic climate – though it is as developed as many European countries, the costs of living are still lower than in the UK or Germany, for instance. Because of that, Turkey is very attractive to students, many of which stay in Istanbul to practice medicine.

For UK patients and thousands of others coming from all over the world, this means top-notch medical care, cutting-edge facilities, and prominent specialists and surgeons. Not to mention an opportunity to visit Istanbul and spend a couple of days resting in a fantastic hotel.

Popular Hair Transplantation Techniques and Services in Turkey

Another advantage of choosing Turkey is the great number of available options.

 These hair transplant methods are in high demand, but the offer doesn’t stop there:

FUE Hair Transplant

The so-called FUE method is the most popular and highly-recommended hair transplant technique, both in Turkey and worldwide. It refers to follicular unit extraction, a minimally invasive procedure where hair follicles are moved from the donor area to the bald spot.

The many benefits of FUE hair transplants are provided by advanced medical technology. The procedure is so sophisticated that it leaves no detectable scarring. There is no pain and discomfort during or after the surgery, and the recovery typically doesn’t last longer than a year.

Despite all these advantages, FUE is one of the most affordable hairs transplant procedures.

Sapphire Hair Transplant

Most patients at The World of the Hair decide to undergo the latest modification in FUE hair transplantation – the state-of-the-art Sapphire hair transplant.

Specialists at The World of the Hair perform this transplant operation with special sapphire blades, which are used for opening microchannels in bald spots. The surgeon takes grafts from the recipient area, such as the neck or back of the head, and plants them in these channels.

The timeframe for hair restoration after a Sapphire hair transplantation operation is significantly shorter than with legacy techniques, and the risk is near zero. In the first 2-3 weeks, most patients experience post-operative shock loss. New hair starts to grow in 6 months.

The final result is visible within the first 12 months.

Beard Transplantation

Beard transplantation is another popular option at The World of the Hair. Like traditional hair transplant operations, surgeons use the FUE method for sowing, which guarantees top-quality hair transplants and the greatest number of successfully implanted hairs.

Patients who come to Turkey for beard transplantation suffer problems that range from aesthetic to medical. According to The World of the Hair specialists, beard sparseness, ringworm, and surgical wounds are the three most common reasons for this type of operation.

In addition to beard transplants, Turkish experts also offer mustache transplants.

Preparation and Post-Operative Care

Since most patients come from abroad, the medical team behind The World of the Hair offers remote preliminary evaluation in addition to exams performed at the clinic in Istanbul. The medical staff takes the time to talk to every patient and explain the procedure.

Post-operative care varies from one hair transplant technique to another.

In all cases, patients are provided with thorough instructions on how to behave in the first couple of weeks after the hair transplant surgery. This includes essential information about how to wash your hair, which product to use, and what to expect at every stage of recovery.

The Full Medical Package

The best hair clinics in Turkey are at the forefront of medical tourism. As mentioned before, they provide complete packages that include everything from city tours to post-operative care via phone or email. The hair transplant itself is only a part of this comprehensive care package.

At The World of the Hair clinic, every patient receives a dedicated representative to guide them through the process. If something doesn’t feel right or you have any questions, you can call your representative any time of day or night, even when you return home to the UK.

Also, the clinic has translators for all major languages in the world.


There’s no question about it – Turkey is currently the world’s top destination for hair transplant surgeries. The best clinics in Istanbul check all the boxes, including more than just medical service and patient care. Let’s not forget that Turkey is well-known for its hospitality.

According to patient reviews, Turkish surgeons, equipment, and facilities are impeccable.

And on top of all this, there’s a bargain hair transplant cost.

The price of getting a hair transplant in Turkey depends on a couple of things. The type of procedure, the length of stay, and the number of grafts are the most important factors. But even for the most expensive package, you’ll still pay less money and receive world-class quality.