Game Art Studio: The Miracle of Project Implementation


Do you have some awesome ideas for a new game but lack in technical skills and time to be the first to influence the gaming industry?

It’s not a challenge anymore! Outsource art production to professional artists and keep on generating creative insights. This guide will briefly discuss the main compounds of game art development and highlight a few crucial pros of delegating project responsibilities.

So keep reading to make confident steps toward your new game release.

What Is a Game Art Production?

The success of future games directly relies on picturesque landscapes, realistic characters, and stunning visual effects. High-quality graphics, in many ways, determine the competitiveness of a product on the industry market and contribute to its uniqueness and recognition.

Without a visually appealing environment, it’s hard to fully immerse players into the world of fantasy and bring excitement from virtual battles and quests. That is why game art production should be carefully planned and skillfully maintained at all stages.

Bringing life into games by developing unforgettable characters and detailed interactive surroundings is what a game art studio is specialized in. The design stage includes a variety of processes during which the visual and artistic compounds are developed.

Art production stands for concept art, environment design, characters and objects modelling, and animation. Let’s learn what art tasks you can delegate to development companies.

Game Art Design Services in a Nutshell

How can you be sure your game art solutions mirror the best world practices, high industry standards, and the most demanding expectations?

If you turn to a professional art production team like Stepico, you don’t have to worry about the successful result after the game release.

Whether you want to build a simple room escape game, casino slots, or multilevel adventure, art studios can suggest plenty of features to breathe life into creative ideas. Every element can become unforgettable in the skilful hands of professionals.

Here we introduce different art services you may consider for delivering the most spectacular game.

2D art

All you need to create a two-dimensional game can be outsourced to professional artists. The main range of tasks includes concept art, 2D character and environment creations, background, and elements of User Interface (UI).

Expert teams make the full scope of work from analyzing the customers’ expectations to implementing them into the game mood, characters’ behaviour, and a set of possible interactions within the virtual environment.

Wisely developed UI helps to achieve high levels of player engagement by providing simple navigation through the game menu and easy ways to find necessary instructions and other data.

3D art

The scope of tasks for building a three-dimensional game varies from one project to another. The main directions of 3D artists’ work are realistic 3D character design, object modelling, and immersive landscapes.

With the help of advanced software, artists can develop a deep photorealistic gaming environment and translate the character’s mood through natural-like mimics and gestures.

Various texture layers can make each 3D object look stylized and one-of-a-kind, be it a vehicle, robot, weapon, or mythical creature.


The beauty of modern video games largely depends on the number of visual effects which closely transmit real-world events, allowing players to feel the adrenaline and high satisfaction.

The service includes both 2D and 3D animation. During the process, animators make 3D model lightning and rigging and apply several cutting-edge technologies to create outstanding dynamics.

Game Art Studio

How Do Game Companies Benefit From Partnering With an Art Studio?

If you don’t have your own game artist, able to fulfil the whole scope of art production work, then partnering with an outsourcing company will become more advantageous for your business than searching for freelancers or hiring specialists for your team. Let’s figure out the main benefits of game art studio assistance:

  • It helps to reduce time consumption. Finding different art specialists simultaneously requires weeks of hard work and analysis. Moreover, you should make a lot of effort to teach them your corporate goals, build a strong membership among new employees and establish transparent and productive collaboration. Instead, a close-knit team of professional developers already have years of experience working together and sharing responsibility. While the experts do their best in managing art production for your particular needs, you can focus on other important tasks for business growth.
  • It increases cost-effectiveness. With art production on outsource, your firm will save money on regular workers and pay only for services when they are required. In-house onboarding is more expensive than outsourcing and doesn’t guarantee high-quality outcomes for your brand.
  • It makes your company more flexible. If your in-house team is tired of doing routine tasks day-by-day, you can delegate repetitive labour to third-party experts and focus on business scaling, sustainability issues, improving customers’ experience, marketing campaigns, or other plans to top up your market share.
  • It ensures qualitative results. When you pick a reliable outsourcing partner with an impressive portfolio and extensive practice in creating game art, you may not worry about the worthy result. Development companies value their reputation and clients, so they always meet deadlines and guarantee quality work.

Your chances to receive maximum advantages from collaborating with outsourcing art production companies highly increase if you choose a reputable partner, clearly define business goals, and do not deny the need for transparent communication.