Finding Freedom from Conflict: A Pipe Dream?


Everyone experiences conflict; personal or professional, it’s inevitable. In a workplace, this is especially true since people from all different walks of life come together united by a product or service, a sector or passion.

When tensions emerge, things can go a few ways. There may be a simple, direct solution. Or it just may head south quickly and agreement eludes them.

Here is where Leah Brown FRSA MSoM, Founder & CEO of Broadstairs Consulting, an advisory and mediation firm excel. They aim to bring clarity, focus and momentum to organisations by finding fresh and creative ways forward. Their approach is driven by mediation and the importance of good communication.

With a focus on leaders in sports, politics and media, Broadstairs Consulting brings together diverse backgrounds and experiences to form a team that asks the right questions and works with clients to achieve the best solutions. 

Let’s take your average management team or co-founders, differing ideas and relational challenges will likely emerge. People lie at the heart of business, Broadstairs Consulting uses mediation and facilitated conversations to foster healthy team cultures and identifies the root of issues to implement sustainable governance structures.

“I know how to resolve conflict!”, you might say. However, when one is in the thick of a conflict it can be difficult to remember how to use appropriate techniques effectively when emotions are running high. This is compounded at the executive level when members of the senior management team have expertise and opposing opinions. However, business continuity and risk management must come to a consensus for the good of the overall group.

Broadstairs Consulting advocates for an “earlier than you think” approach with companies. While executives have duties to the company, sometimes their interests diverge from their professional obligations. An external neutral facilitator can be just the thing to bring the Board together. Resigning from a Board is a more significant financial, emotional and time-consuming decision for the company than someone leaving an entry-level job. 

It’s not just management that experiences personnel issues. Leah is an experienced corporate M&A lawyer who has advised on many employment-related matters with a keen eye for detail and quickly understands complex problems. When it feels like the biggest problems are people problems, organisations tend to get bogged down by processes that take significant time but don’t resolve the underlying issues.

Broadstairs Consulting makes difficult conversations easier by holding space for people to feel heard. They create safe spaces for differences and are committed to facilitating freedom from conflict. The firm’s approach ensures that people in business, at all levels, can work together more effectively despite personality differences.

Sometimes, things erupt and in the aftermath leaders struggle to address what has happened. It can be hard to repair relationships after a bust up. Those involved may feel awkward and be hesitant to work again with each other. Broadstairs Consulting helps leaders navigate this space and uses mediation techniques to build relational bridges for those involved.


If your company needs help moving things forwards, look no further than Broadstairs Consulting. As Leah says, “Broadstairs Consulting’s process-driven approach enables leaders to operate more efficiently, save money, mitigate risk, navigate personnel issues with ease and broaden minds to embrace the art of the possible.”