Find Company Information Using Companies House Services On The GOV.UK Website

Companies House

The information of the company is always essential for any business to overtake its competitors. One of the famous websites called the companies house is providing the access to the various information of any of the companies that are present in the UK. This is the cost-effective one and also you will get all the information regarding the particular company like contact information, document registered, mortgage charge data, date of incorporation, number of the employees present, and the number of employees who have resigned.

Useful service

The information about the particular company is useful in various ways for job seekers and also for other business people. This will be a handier one for the company information seekers to more about any of the limited companies in the UK. The UK government has approved this and so the list of the records of the limited liability partnerships and limited companies in the UK are present here.

Types of services available

The companies house official website is providing complete Companies’ House services for the customers. The list of the services provided by the companies house is easy to find the

  • information of the particular company,
  • file information of your own company,
  • protected online filing,
  • follow the companies that you want,
  • information centers,
  • certified copies and certificates,
  • same day services,
  • accessibility support,
  • customer service standards,
  • give us feedback,
  • companies house fees,
  • eBilling service and Welsh service.

All these services will provide many benefits for filers and also the information seekers about a company.

Easy to see the statutory fees

On this website, the users can simply check about the statutory fees for the filing of any of the companies or even for checking about the information of the particular company or gaining some other details. The details of accounts data are available in a particular file format like HTML, iXBRL. Also, the company data is in CSV format. All the bulk files will be obtained from this website and so the company’s house will be the best one for getting any of the information.

Important to register on this government site

In the UK the registration of the companies and also the incorporation is done by filling in the data on this website. This is the essential one for UK businesses to start new businesses. Once the company is incorporated then the details of the company, name, amount that is charged, and other important information are available here. Thus anyone can access any of the company’s information but the amount of the statutory fees will vary. Any of the limited companies and also the limited liability partnerships are listed here.

Guide to order the copies and certificates

The ordering of the copies and certificates of their own company or some other company is now possible with the help of this information hub. You have to first open this company’s house website and then search for the company information that you want. You can also use the information center by directing visiting and also you can use the phone number to contact. The two types of services are available but in recent times due to the pandemic situation, the same-day service is not available. Therefore the users should have to approach the standard service that is charging fifteen pounds sterling. The orders will be processed within four days and so the customers should have to wait for a few days. There may be an extra charge that you need to pay sometimes. The name of the directors, secretaries, address of the registered office, good standing statement, and the other company’s objects are also present as additional facts. Companies House services include a good standing statement that is available only for the limited companies that have made the proper filing till now. The shareholder’s information should not be used to get information about the company.

Get legalized documents

The legalization of the document is done by the FCO to use in other countries when it is having the British public official. The documents that you want to be signed by the officials of this company’s house then you have to request a certificate and its copy for it.

Update your company information

Updating your filed company’s information is now a simple procedure as you have to simply tell what the information to be changed to your limited company. The new appointments, resignations, and other personal detail changes of secretary or the directory of your company can be informed. You can also file the information such as the new mortgages, new shares, change in the office address, contact details, change in the company name or the date are now possible. After filling in any of the changes your profile will be updated but the users should have to inform the HM Revenue and Customs. This does not require any of the third parties as you can simply update by using the email ID, password, and the authentication code that is sent by the company’s house. Therefore immediately after companies house has been registered it is valuable to be used.

Late filing penalties

This is the biggest problem for any limited company that has not filed their changes in their information or the incorporation. This will lead to paying the penalty that is imposed. You can find the various details about the late penalty and also the methods to appeal the late penalty. This is applicable to any of the companies that are registered in the UK. The limited companies that are both public and private and also the limited liability partnerships should have to follow the procedure that is listed. The payment can be made through debit or credit card by just logging in to the company’s house website. This will take only a few minutes the paying. If you’re not interested to pay the penalty then you can also use the appeal option. But the reason for the appeal should be relevant like cannot able to afford, dormant company, unused account, etc.