Essential Upkeep for Your Business


Maintaining your business premises is often the last thing business owners think about, yet it’s such an important part of running a business. Neglecting upkeep could wind up costing you far more in the long run. Maintenance planning ensures that your premises remain safe and that any equipment used by you or your staff is in proper working condition. If you’re new to running a business or you’ve been neglecting upkeep and want to create an effective maintenance system, here are a few essential elements you need to consider.

Keep heating and ventilation systems working

Proper upkeep starts with the basics, and that means making sure that the heating and air conditioning systems are working properly. You should have them serviced annually and call in reliable professionals to repair them, should anything go wrong. Not only will this help you maintain a comfortable working environment for your staff or customers, but it will also keep your utility bills on the lower side too.

Clean surfaces for hygienic work conditions

Part of maintaining your business means keeping the environment clean and healthy for anyone coming into the area. When the workplace is clean, it’s not just your health that benefits – studies suggest that a cleaner, hygienic workspace can even improve cognitive performance too. From keyboards and computer equipment to kitchen or bathroom surfaces, door handles, and floors, there are so many aspects to your office or work area that can become rife with bacteria, so invest in professional cleaning services and get staff involved in keeping the area clean and tidy. When it comes to office bathrooms, you might want to consider doing a full upgrade at some point. Experts from can help you out when it comes to new bathroom partitions.

Don’t forget the exterior

It’s not all about the inside – you also need to maintain the outside of the property to prevent costly repairs or hygiene issues. Keep any surrounding gardens or landscaping tidy and free from rubbish that can attract pests, and check the roof and masonry regularly for any holes or damage that could cause a leak in bad weather. It’s also important to regularly have drains inspected to avoid blockages or damage that could wind up costing you considerably if left. A commercial drainage company will have the tools and expertise to carry out in-depth assessments of your drainage system to ensure everything is working as it should and to identify blockages before they cause a problem.

Check fire safety equipment

Smoke alarms, CO2 alarms and sprinkler systems should all be assessed regularly to keep them working properly, so you can rest assured they’ll be functional in the event of a fire. You should also check that fire extinguishers are working as they should, and that they’ve not expired. Fire extinguisher servicing is actually a legal requirement and could affect your insurance if you don’t keep it in check. You should ensure that any checks of fire safety equipment are carried out by a licensed professional for complete peace of mind.

Keep lighting in check

Lighting is such an integral component of your business, increasing engagement, contributing to a positive mood and boosting focus, so business owners need to be using this to their advantage. A well-lit office or commercial space can do wonders for creating the right ambiance and encourages productivity among your staff. Make sure that you have ample lighting in place and that you’re using LED lights which are less energy intensive, cheaper to run and safer as they have a lower voltage running through them. If you notice any flickering bulbs or lights that aren’t working, replace the bulb or have a qualified electrician take a look at the issue.

Final thoughts

Running a business is hard work and there’s so much that goes into it, but maintaining your work environment should be high on the list. Not only will it help to keep operational costs down in the long term but it also ensures that your workspace is safe and healthy for you and your staff, and that it’s an area where people can work comfortably and with increased focus. From drainage and electrical outlets to inspecting the roof and masonry of the building, there are several elements to a comprehensive maintenance plan, but the result is a space that you can be confidence is safe, comfortable and enjoyable to work in.