Escape the Stress: London’s Most Affordable Massages

Affordable Massage

There is nothing like taking some time from your hectic schedule for yourself and enjoying a moderate massage day. It is not good to skip personal care. Thanks to the reasonably priced London massage parlour where you can soothe, preened, stroke, and pamper by affording a little money.

To avoid the hectic city life, London has plenty of massage parlours and spas where you can unwind, and recharge. If you are looking to soak in soothing hot baths, or are eager to have an all-natural facial massage; these are some of the affordable massage parlours.

So, if you are looking for some of the best pocket-friendly massage parlours in London then don’t look further than here. Here, in this article, we are going to wrap up the 5 most affordable massage parlours in London.

The 5 most affordable massage parlours in London:

#1. Relax:

Affordable Massage
Image by Tripadvisor

Facialist and nutritional therapist Katie White set up Re: lax. Here, you will get a deep facial massage using all-natural products, nutritional therapy, and lifestyle advice. This parlour is one of the best pocket-friendly parlours in East London where your skin will be sorted.

Re: lax is as friendly as its name suggests. Each facial massage will be suggested to you based on your skin type, and what type of therapy is required for you and your skin. Before going ahead, a consultation will be carried out by a professional therapist on what products you should try. She will show you the bigger picture of your skin.

She can advise a variety of techniques such as facial massage, LED light therapy, gua sha, sculpture face lifting, micro-needling, buccal massage, and so on. All these techniques will help your skin become brighter and shinier.

They also offer various treatments such as face lifting, anti-ageing, and problem skin. All these treatments will leave your skin glowing.

You can book your massage session tailored to your skin needs. You have to pay £85 for an hour.


#2. Banya No. 1:

Affordable Massage
Image by Banya No.1- Hoxton

Banya No. 1 is one of the most popular London massage parlours. This parlour offers a traditional Russian massage treatment to customers.

At Banya No. 1 you will get full steam, plunge ritual, and sauna. You can also experience the chance to have the signature Parenie treatment.

In this treatment, you will get a massage with fragrant bundles of birch, eucalyptus twigs, and oak that will help you to experience the true heat of the steam room.

After that, you can dip in the chilly plunge pool. These therapies boost your blood circulation and keep your mind at peace. Also, these will leave you tingling all over.

You can look to book Package No. 1 which includes Parenie treatment. This package starts from £75 for a hour’s session.

#3. Floatworks:

Image by Joey Paysinger

To switch your mind from the hectic life and to give your senses a well-earned break, Floatworks is must must-try option in London. Floatworks is well-known for its heavenly salt baths.

The private flotation tanks of Floatworks are filled with half a tonne of Epsom salts. And at five feet wide, and eight feet length, there are several rooms around in Floatworks to glide around that will let you experience a blissful weightlessness.

Whenever you get settled down inside the pod, you need to pull down the lid. If you want to experience full sensory deprivation, you can switch off all the lights for maximum escapism. This therapy works best for anxiety stress, pain, and insomnia.

But, above all, this one hour is an uninterrupted relaxation. Afterwards, you can get a fully equipped shower and wash off the salt. You can continue the feel the chill with a cup of tea in the lounge afterwards.

Floatworks has an introductory offer of 3 floats for £99 and also you can get individual floats at £55.

You can book your floating session on

#4. Masaj:

If you are looking for a truly excellent massage with healing hands then don’t look further than Masaj. With its other branches at Marylebone and Shoreditch; the London Masaj is one of the most affordable parlours for you.

Masaj is popular for its well-known power of bodywork and it also offers treatments for pain and stress relief.

They focus on combating the negative impact of London living if you experience an hour massage then your body will thank you. the studios are very chic and simple; this parlour offers you contemporary pampering that only focuses on massaging.

The expert hands release tension with a deep massage and pamper your bumps with a prenatal massage, and sports massage.

You can book sessions for simultaneous relaxing rub downs, so one session is pure bliss.

You can book your session for deep tissue massage at £50 for 30 minutes.

Check for the website on masaj. me.

#5. Still London:

Still London
Image by STILL London-Natural Nail Studio, treatment space and Infrared Sauna

Still, London is an all-natural massage parlour with a small treatment room at the back, over the past few years, this stylish salon has expanded. Now, it has two new calming treatment rooms, a thoughtful range of affordable holistic treatments, and an infrared sauna.

You can pop in for anything from Face Pause, head, shoulder, and neck massage from a 30-minute to 90-minute bliss out massage. Still, London also offers sound healing, reiki, reflexology, and LED light therapy. Also, you can book to experience the cedar sauna.

It is also worth booking an Icelandic Luxury Pedicure that includes a foot massage with rosehip, an invigorating salt foot scrub, and sea buckthorn and red clover.

You can book a 1-hour full-body holistic massage for £90.

The website of this massage parlour is


Does London have the most affordable massages to escape stress and unwind?

Ans: Several affordable massage options are available at various spas and wellness centres across London.

How much is the average massage rate in London?

Ans: There are plenty of massage parlours all through London that offer the best massage at affordable prices. However, the minimum rate of massage ranges from £40-£80 in Central London.

Which massage is best for the full body?

Ans: According to experts, Shiastu massage is a whole-body massage. But, your therapist needs to focus on the parts where you need it the most. During the massage, the therapist will use their palms, hands, and thumbs to massage certain points of your body.


Facial massage is important to our facial tissue, it improves blood circulation, resulting in youthful and brighter skin. Massaging has a rejuvenating effect.

So, if you are looking for one of the most affordable massage parlours in London then you can go forward with one of the above-mentioned lists fearlessly. As you can see, these parlours offer as much as effective massages suitable for your skin type at pocket-friendly rates.

Hope, this article will show you the right way where you can pamper yourself most possibly