Top 3 Digital Financial Management Tools for Your Business

Tools for Your Business

Regardless of your business type, financial management is a must-do part as long as it generates money.

The only two ways a business can escape the extreme competition in today’s crowded market is by developing exceptional goods and services and having a killer model. However, ways of doing business have advanced, and now Big Data has grown to be the driving fuel of innovation and profitability.

Despite being unglamorous, it remains one of the most powerful parts of the business. In most cases, it involves choosing the most effective business finance tools that can significantly affect an organization’s profits, resilience, agility, and competitive strength.

Read through to discover the essential business digital finance tools that are most profitable for your business.

Accounting Software

There are numerous choices when it comes to accounting software for a business. Regardless of your business type- it could be an online money-generating activity such as a grocery, boutique, manufacturing company, and any other business type- you still need accounting software.

Even though small business accounting does not need a more robust solution than what may be required by a global manufacturer, they still need to go beyond the traditional excel spreadsheets for effective competition and comparison. You should always ensure that your choice of accounting software is cloud-based, even if you decide to work with Xero, Freshbooks, QuickBooks, or any other software.

Your option should also be capable of integrating with the procure-to-pay(P2P) solution. It should also have a high capability to be combined with other management software, making it possible to provide audit-friendly budgets, balance sheets, and financial reports.

Procure–to–Pay (P2P) Software

This software will ensure that you have built the fortress of your company’s financial management on shifting sands. Investing in customisable and purpose-built P2P software such as Planergy, which provides a robust framework for small and big business owners to centralise and optimise their software environment, is essential.

Doing this also enables them to establish a strong foundation in transforming their digital operations across the entire organisation. The right solution for P2P often entails introducing robotic processes, advanced data management tools, machine learning, and automation into your workflows.

Thus, it will ensure a clear connection between all your other applications. Plus, P2P levels up your team and provides real-time access to all the information driving the activities of your business and role-appropriate.

Budgeting Software

Budgeting and cash flow management has gone hand in hand in the classic era. However, budgeting is essential in business strategic planning and project management.

All these are possible today since technology has enabled business financial managers to set and adjust budgets to levels that can meet ever-changing conditions and updated business goals.

There is a high chance that any accounting software or P2P you choose will have an in-built capability for budgeting.

However, is a range of standalone products you can choose from, but if you decide to use them, you will have to ensure that you can readily integrate them with your P2P and accounting software system.


You can choose several digital finance management software to manage your business successfully. However, selecting any of the three, namely, accounting software, P2P software, and budgeting software, will provide you with a robust solution.