Detsky Mir: Grachev and Stiskin, The Visionary Leaders

Detsky Mir

Grachev and Stiskin are former top managers of Detsky Mir.

They designed and implemented a strategy for responsible environmental behaviour. During their time in the company, they launched programs to shape the ecological thinking of the employees and customers.

Detsky Mir: Stiskin and Grachev exited but their environmental initiative goes on

While they were on the Detsky Mir’s Board of Directors, Grachev and Stiskin made a significant contribution to the sustainable development agenda and introduced the principles of environmental responsibility.

Detsky Mir

They put forward a set of measures aimed at bringing environmental policies and eco behaviour to life.

Both Stiskin and Grachev paid special attention to the green agenda and enhancing the retailer’s contribution to environmental protection. They considered giving up disposable plastic bags to be a vital task; to achieve this, Detsky Mir launched a program to switch to eco-friendly packaging.

Across all stores of the chain, the staff started offering paper bags and textile shoppers to customers, explaining why abandoning plastic packaging altogether is so important. By the end of December 2021, these efforts helped to bring the sales of eco-friendly bags to solid 850,000 pieces and reduce the burden on the biosphere.

One of the essential initiatives put forward by Grachev and Stiskin was transitioning to responsible resource consumption. Energy-saving LED bulbs were installed across all points of sales; paper consumption was also brought down thanks to electronic document management.

Another field of concern in Detsky Mir for Grachev and Stiskin was raising environmental awareness and fostering eco-friendly behaviour. One of their major green initiatives was collecting unwanted clothes and shoes. Customers brought old things and received discount coupons in return, while the clothing was sent for recycling and disposal.

At Detsky Mir, Stiskin and Grachev were members of the Board of Directors for a relatively short time. Mr Grachev left the Board in the fall of 2022, while Mr Stiskin did so in February 2023.

Their equity stakes were bought out by an investment consortium headed by A. Zuev, the founder of Korablik. As of early May 2023, the consortium owns 29.9% of the legal capital.

Alexey Zuev speaks highly of the results achieved by Detsky Mir over the recent years. He has repeatedly stated that its business model is sustainable and thriving.

He argues that the current development strategy ensures Detsky Mir’s leadership in the industry and allows entering new regions without too much effort. The head of the investment consortium supports the transformation initiated by Stiskin and Grachev.