Despite The Rave For Casual Office Wear, Here’s Why Smart Attire is Better

Casual Office Wear

Companies such as Google and Youtube have contributed to trendifying the office space, and it is becoming a common occurrence to show up to work in jeans and a t-shirt. A comfort is a place where you can lie down and rest, but the workplace should be the opposite of that.

Since Covid-19 began, working from home in your sweatpants started to become second nature to office workers all over the world. But we are lucky enough to be moving forward and towards a brighter future where effort and conscious fashion choices will be making a comeback – which we shouldn’t take for granted.

Wearing a smart business suit is mentally and physically beneficial for you. Mentally, a suit will instil you with confidence, giving you an immediate surge of power and success – we’ve all heard the term ‘power suit’. On the obvious physical side, is the smart and attractive timeless look that will impress co-workers, bosses, clients and most importantly – yourself.

Sporting a formal business suit on a daily basis at the office will encourage you to put your best foot forward with every decision and task you need to complete, feeling – and looking – the part.

It’s not only your colleagues that can appreciate your dapper outfits for the office, but your fellow commuters and strangers walking by. The iconic look of a man reading the paper on the underground, stepping into the back of a taxi, or sipping a coffee on your lunch break at a bistro cafe on the corner is a classic and movie-like moment that you can create for yourself.

Creating the illusion that you’ve got everything you could ever need – a memorable picture that will stay in the minds of your audience no matter where you are.

An entire office filled with hard-working, professionally dressed employees will create a focused atmosphere and productivity will inevitably rise. In an article for Thomasnet from 2021, it was written that a benefit of getting dressed up for work is that when the workday is over and you change into a more casual outfit, it’s easier to shift your focus from work to relaxation, and it is an excellent argument for smart business attire to make a strong comeback. Being able to differentiate between work and leisure is extremely important for a work/life balance.

Taking the time every morning to make an effort with your appearance for work will change your mindset and give you the confidence to get things done, and changing into loungewear later will feel rewarding and like you have earned the downtime. A business suit is a symbol of power, success and professionalism, and the thought alone will do wonders for your self-esteem and confidence.

The argument for the best level of formality in office attire is a tough one to call. With a large amount of the population claiming to prefer more casual clothing, offices are giving their employees a choice in what they wear to make sure each worker is giving their best focus – without having to worry about being uncomfortable. But even given the choice, I think it is inevitably clear that smart and professional business attire is ultimately better than casual attire for the office.