Cryptocurrency – Top 10 Cheapest Coins


Are you looking for the cheapest cryptocurrency for non-GamStop casinos and bookmakers? We’ve sorted it out for you and listed the following bargains.

The cheapest cryptocurrency list has been established by looking at the coins present on the coin market cap website. This site is often visited to see the price of certain virtual currencies.

Cryptocurrency: 10 Cheapest of The Moment

If you want to buy a few million crypto coins below, you can do this for a few euros! That looks pretty impressive and no one needs to know that it didn’t cost you anything. Also, you can invest these coins by wagering them at non-GamStop casinos.

1. BitcCentavo

BitCentavo was created for the entertainment industry with regard to educational purposes. It has the same algorithm as bitcoin and can, therefore also be mined.

Up to 10 trillion of them can be mined, and it will be a long time before this number is reached. Ultimately, this coin will never go into the hundreds of dollars since so many are made.

You can buy tens of millions of BitCentavo for less than a dollar!

The price at the time of writing: is $0.000000202

2. Dix Asset

We can be very brief about Dix Asset: after opening the website we thought we could find some info about dix, but we found nothing! It’s even less than Dix’s price. Buy that trade, millions of pieces, or not?

Current price today (Dec 24, 2017): $0.000000292

3. StrongHands

StrongHands is a decentralized and open-source currency. This cryptocurrency offers the possibility to perform transparent transactions as well as private transactions. All transactions are stored in the blockchain.

Price at the time of writing: $0.000000333

4. EtherDoge

EtherDoge continues to build on Dogecoin. Dogecoin, like Etherdoge, is a kind of cryptocurrency, and it started as a joke. Soon things got more serious for Dogecoin, and today it is one of the favourite coins of many crypto geeks.

Etherdoge has the same kind of coin but made some adjustments, making it a more efficient coin. EtherDoge uses the Ethereum network.

You can currently buy them for $0.000000795

5. Cagecoin

This coin is based on none other than Nicolas Cage and never had the intention of becoming a serious coin. This cryptocurrency started back in 2014 and has experienced a 30,000% price increase at one point. This was short-lived, as the coin then collapsed. It was therefore the result of a ‘pump & dump’ action.

Price at the time of writing: $0.000000896

6. Sprouts

This cryptocurrency describes itself as green, safe, and fast. It has its own wallet, and you can buy millions of them for just a few euros. Little positive is written about the coin itself. Nevertheless, some investors have managed to achieve a nice return on this. And that for a shitcoin’ like this!

Buy millions? The price is around $0.000001

7. Paccoin

This cryptocurrency does not have its logo and is often referred to as shitcoin. So that does not really offer any perspective for this cryptocurrency. Perhaps a name change, a different logo, and some more info can work wonders. Suppose you buy this cryptocurrency, then the question is whether you can ever sell it again. At the time of writing, there were no buyers.

Worth the risk? For $0.000002 you have a Paccoin.

8. Swap Token

The swap token is very similar to StrongHands and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a copy, but with a different name. Not very innovative, but dirt cheap!

Swap tokens can be purchased using various crypto coins such as bitcoin, litecoin, moon, and esper. You have to be at novoexchange for that.

You can place a bet on Swaptoken from as little as $0.000003

9. Environment

This cryptocurrency raises more questions than the number of zeros in the price. There is nothing to be found about it and the few people who write about it have no idea what environ is. The word ‘scam’ has also been used a lot around this coin. Anyway, it costs (almost) nothing.

Price at time of writing: $0.000003

10. Exrnchain

This cryptocurrency runs on the Ethereum network and uses smart contracts. A large part (70%) was distributed for free and a small part of the issue was sold. The purpose of this coin is to create the possibility to make transactions between different types of blockchains.

Price at time of writing: $0.00003

Investing in Cheap Cryptocurrency?

A large part of this cryptocurrency probably has no chance of success and is only interesting because of the price. It doesn’t hurt to buy one of these shitcoins.

If you want to be successful with cryptocurrencies, we do not recommend purchasing these coins. We have made a list of the top 10 cryptocurrency tips. These also have a high risk, of course, but do have serious potential!

To get hold of one of these toppers, we have made a step-by-step plan so that you can then buy and sell your favourite coin via one of the exchanges.