Can Gaming be Applied in Education?


Video games have been popular for many years. Some people play them in their leisure time as entertainment, and some of them purposefully go through them to achieve goals and results. There are also a lot of options for different games: someone is interested in playing Minecraft, and someone prefers the Destiny shooter.

Video games have an impact on psychology, and not necessarily in a bad way. In ordinary life, some aspects have something in common with those used in the world of games. For example, completing simple and difficult tasks in order to score points and move to a new level. This is similar to other areas, where we set a goal and try to achieve it for moral satisfaction along with practical benefits.

Games satisfy the need to feel efficient. We are pleased to feel progress by completing tasks, even if they are virtual. This important feature can be used in gaming-based learning technologies.

Popular online games stimulate the release of the joy hormone. We see our achievements and get points or game bonuses. This occurs, for example, when you destroy one of the bosses in Destiny.

In games, simple tasks are set at the beginning and gradually become more complicated. This makes it easier for us to get involved in the process. A video game implies such a high level of involvement in activity that time flies unnoticed.

Some games have a social aspect that allows you to spend time with virtual friends.

How, after all, can video games be connected with the educational process?

This question has been studied and is still being studied by game creators and teachers. Thus, they came to the conclusion that video games are not just entertainment, as is commonly believed. They are of practical use in teaching children, adolescents, and even adults.

Of course, games cannot replace traditional teaching methods. Video games offer a unique and interactive way to engage students. They develop critical thinking and learn to make quick decisions in a given situation. In addition, games contribute to the development of teamwork skills. All this helps increase academic performance and education.

The advantage of video games in the educational process is that they take place in a very interactive environment. The whole world and the spheres within it are becoming technological, so it is important to develop in step with its pace. The sense of involvement and motivation of students that is inherent in the players is especially relevant for those who find the standard approaches to learning boring and monotonous.

Certain games and Destiny is no exception, requiring players to think strategically and make quick decisions within a limited amount of time. Thus, this skill is developed and acquired by those who play this kind of game. And this feature is simply irreplaceable in many professions and life in general.

And of course, video games contribute to the development of teamwork and interaction with other people and players. This is very useful in many situations outside of the game, as well as when working as a team in a department or on a specific project. Communication skills and leadership qualities will also manifest themselves with a playful approach to learning.

How to use such games in the educational process?

The ways video games are used are different, at least depending on the subject of study.

There are many ways to use video games to teach different subjects. One option is to study history. After all, in the game, you can find yourself in historical events, go through some tasks, and thus better remember historical events and figures of those times.

In addition, you can safely conduct scientific experiments in the game. You can also study and test the laws of physics in real-time and with beautiful real pictures and videos. Visual perception always helps to memorise and understand different sciences better.

Video games like Destiny contain very high-quality graphics. Playing them and going through various difficulties, a person forms observations and admiration for how it is possible to create a virtual world with different details and characters. It is highly likely that this may positively influence the choice of the future profession of a child or adolescent.

In addition to the creators and programmers of video games, there are services that make it possible to quickly go through the most difficult parts of the game. If you find it difficult at some stage, then it is better to use Destiny carry services. Special players will go through a certain area for you. This will help you not get stuck and save interest in the game.

Foreign languages play an important role in the modern world. They are also conveniently and interestingly studied in the format of computer games and video games.

For the youngest students, such games will be useful in learning the basic concepts of the world, such as different colours, geometric shapes, and mental counting. Educational games for younger students are usually made interactive and fun. They are designed to make the child want to learn and explore in a fun and playful environment.


Video games can even train medical professionals. Some studies have shown that doctors who played video games performed better on the simulator. Apparently, the games are really useful.


Video games can be used very effectively for the study of various subjects and sciences. They offer a very different approach from traditional teaching methods.

Games do not replace the education provided by teachers in schools and universities, but can effectively complement and improve it. They develop indispensable skills that are very useful in life and further professional activities. As technology continues to play an increasingly important role in life, incorporating video games into education can help to engage in these processes.