Naming the Best Business Tools Everyone Must Have On PC

Business Tools

The beginning of the year is the right time to move on to improving your company and your online business in general. The use of various business tools enables companies to save money, increase competitiveness, and get more efficient and well-organized management.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the best business software for Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac, and other operating systems, which will be real support for business owners.

Antivirus software

The format of remote work, as well as doing business online, requires a constant presence on the web. Therefore, antivirus programs became the very first business tool in our list of must-haves and the best business software.

The threat of hackers from the web who desire to profit from someone else’s enterprise is more real today than even five years ago. Companies whose funds don’t allow them to take significant steps to protect data come under attack in the first instance. They become sitting ducks for scammers. Don’t neglect using antivirus software to protect your online business.

Today the market offers a variety of both paid and free software for protecting your computer from external threats, so it’s enough to choose the option that suits your needs best.

Task management tools

Such business tools will help you organize your online business, personal life, and workflow, increase the number of completed tasks, and won’t let you forget about crucial things. They discipline when working remotely and help deliver all work on time.

Lots of task management apps offer full functionality that is often free and available not for Windows 10 or Windows 11 only but for iOS and Android devices.

Such a business tool allows you to create detailed to-do lists and reminders, sort them by categories, days of the week, months, and tags, set up filters, set colors, and send tasks to other users. Moreover, it’s an excellent communication tool for your business.

Business tools for staff training

Personnel training is essential for any company, especially when working remotely. The main dream of any employer is to find an employee who will immediately start performing tasks and show good results. But the reality is that every professional has to be trained to meet the needs of the company and help it grow.

For these purposes, various business tools were developed. Now you can train employees remotely using a user-friendly screen recorder, conduct instructions, bring them up to speed on the case, explain how to work with a particular program, etc. The footage can be edited at will in the video editor – cut out unnecessary information, add colored notes, or even join two videos side by side, one of which will show your actions up close, and the second – the finished result on the screen.

Modern technologies and the best business software help us achieve our goals and business objectives even from home.

Video conferencing

If your employees work remotely, and everyone should present at the planning meetings, use video conferencing software. You can host webinars, communicate with partners, and save on business trips as well.

Depending on how many people are usually attending conferences, you will have to choose different business tools of this kind. There are no completely free such communication tools for business, but most have free versions. They are developed for a limited number of video call participants — up to 100 people. If you need more, you will have to pay extra for the functionality.


Continuing with communication tools for business, we should mention tools for communication within the company or interaction with clients. And a good messenger is a key to productive work.

Furthermore, instant messengers have proven themselves not only as a means of communication but as the best business software due to the creation of bots and the ability to purchase via such apps. It’s also not a secret that you can increase sales with the help of a messenger.

So, it turns out that messengers are the best business software not for communication and interaction within the company only, but business promotion as well. Numerous companies create chat rooms with clients so that several specialists are in constant contact with them at once.


Such applications simply have to be installed on the computer of everyone who works remotely or owns an online business. And VPN technology should be used primarily to protect corporate information.

The use of a VPN allows you to access website content limited to a certain region, protect your personal data and actions on the Internet from prying eyes, for instance, when using public Wi-Fi. This business tool provides employees with access to office servers when working remotely. VPNs make it possible to use the Internet while maintaining your privacy.

Certain features must be taken into account when installing a free VPN or a paid version on one of the Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems. We recommend using the paid version for online business owners.

Accounting programs

Manual accounting is a thing of the past. Even startups and small businesses keep manual operations to a minimum and automate accounting processes. The market offers a variety of business tools for this — from simple free programs for calculating taxes and filling out tax returns to entire ERP systems for automating all business processes.

Moreover, there are numerous online services among such business tools. They don’t require installation on Windows 10 or 11. Such programs are a cloud solution that allows you to keep records without being tied down to one workplace. You don’t need to download, install, or update the program. You can work from any device connected to the Internet.

The functionality of online services and the simplest desktop versions is approximately the same:

  • accounting of income and expenses;
  • calculation of taxes, wages, and other payments;
  • formation of primary documents;
  • filling out declarations and sending them to the regulatory authorities.

HR management tools

Recruiting, motivation management, human resources processes, staff development, talent management, adaptation, and building a corporate culture system — all these processes are in the work of your HR department and don’t depend on the business size. But if it seems that some of the processes don’t exist, then the HR system hasn’t been built. As your company grows, it’s especially critical to close such gaps. Otherwise, the HR process will be chaotic in general.

Presently, HR specialists work remotely. Therefore, it won’t be superfluous to purchase such business tools for your recruiting staff. After all, good personnel is a well-done job.

So, we have listed the best business tools that will help you manage your company and run your online business remotely. However, it’s worth noting that not all of the best business software are listed here, but the most necessary ones only. It all depends on the specifics of your work and field of activity. That is, you can install photo editing software, video converters, all possible calendars, SEO tools, analytics tools… The list is endless.

In any case, you should understand that today — the time of remote work and online business — data security and confidentiality are in the first place.

We wish you all the best in running your business and increasing your sales!