Examples Of Bitcoin Apps That Can Help You With Your Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Apps

Bitcoin was the first-ever cryptocurrency to hit the market. It was so influential that many copycats sprung up in its wake, making cryptocurrency a real contender in the financial market.

This popularity has made it quite difficult to keep up with other cryptocurrencies. So many people are trying to innovate that it is changing on a daily basis. Unfortunately, Bitcoin is not immune to this change. Thankfully, there are some apps out there that can help you stay up to date and track your Bitcoin properly. Here are just a few examples of some helpful Bitcoin apps.

Bitcoin Ticker App

Bitcoin Ticker App

Bitcoin Ticker is the simplest way to track the worth of your Bitcoin. Downloading the app will allow you to see how much your Bitcoin is making at any time. The app also comes with a refresh page that you can set to reload the results at a time to suit you. This means that you can receive an update every minute, hour, or day depending on your settings.

Blockfolio App

The Blockfolio app is a more complex Bitcoin tracker. The value of cryptocurrency is always changing, which means you need to stay on the ball to know when it is best to sell.

Blockfolio allows you to set up an alert for when your Bitcoin reaches a certain price. This means that you can sell your currency at the right time before it falls. Alternatively, the app can tell you when your Bitcoin has fallen in value, which means it might be wise to get rid of it and start again.

Spare App

Converting cryptocurrency into real money can be quite a task, especially if you are out and about. Selling your Bitcoin at the right price is the most fundamental part of the experience. Therefore, cashing out at the wrong time can prove costly.

Investors can choose to convert their currency at an ATM, but it may take you a while to stumble across one of these on your daily commute. By the time you do your Bitcoin may have lost value.

That is where the Spare app comes in. This downloadable program allows you to convert your Bitcoin at any time. The investor requests a barcode on the app and a store cashier can scan this to learn the value of their Bitcoin. They will then exchange it for cash.

Paxful App

Paxful App

Paxful is a Bitcoin exchange site that has always allowed its users to buy into the cryptocurrency on their platform. However, this powerful site has also released an app.

This new service gives you all of the benefits of using the Paxful program, only now it is available on your smartphone. This means that you can easily buy BTC with Cash App. Furthermore, you can use this app to track or sell your Bitcoin if you so wish.

SpectorCoin App

One of the benefits of owning Bitcoin is that you can trade it with other users. This means that you can invest in other people’s stock, like those that trade in gold, at a lower rate than before.

SpectorCoin is an app that allows you to arrange these trades with other holders of the app so that you can make quick arrangements with small waiting times. Furthermore, your digital currency will be held in an offline storage center which protects it from fraud until the trade is complete.

Cointracking App

The Cointracking app is another trading app, but it comes with additional information this time. You get all of the benefits of using the SpectorCoin app, but this time you can create a data-based profile.

This means that the app will show potential traders charts about your activity. This includes your buying and selling history, your success rate with investments, and even if you have committed tax fraud with the currency in the past. Overall, Cointracking is a reliable app for uncovering fraudulent users.

Xapo App

It can sometimes be difficult to make purchases with cryptocurrency, especially if a store doesn’t accept it as legal tender. In these situations, you have to find the means to convert the currency before using it or find another provider.

The Xapo app allows the user to hold their Bitcoin in its wallet and then make payments as if this app were their personal debit card. The speed of exchange is so quick that you can now start trading normally with Bitcoin using the Xapo app. What’s more, your Bitcoin is safely stored in the app using the most up-to-date security measures.


As you may have noticed, all of these apps are used as a means to store your Bitcoin. Storage space for cryptocurrency is known as a crypto wallet, and it should be used to make exchanges.

However, the ZenGo app is a crypto wallet with a difference. You can use this app to invest in all types of cryptocurrency, not just Bitcoin, and monitor the interest gained on all platforms. Think of it as a data tracking app with extra security. The app requires that you enter a verification code every time you log in, another way to keep prying eyes away from your precious Bitcoin.


The BlockFi app is often used by business owners that own Bitcoin. This exchange app and crypto wallet offers high-interest rates on investments and allow you to make purchases based on your portfolio. In other words, your usage data can prevent you from making critical trades if you have made some questionable decisions in the past. However, the Blockfi app ensures that you are only trading with the best Bitcoin investors. Also, there are no fees piled on for users that make trades.


All of these Bitcoin apps are popular among users; however, you may have noticed a pattern. Each one is suited to a different type of Bitcoin investor. Some will provide benefits to those looking to buy low and sell high, while others have features suited to people that wish to use Bitcoin as currency. In the end, the best app depends on how you want to use your Bitcoin.