5 Best Clothing Manufacturers in London

Clothing Manufacturers

All people in London are expecting branded clothing for their use. They will search for branded clothing in the market as well as an online website. This article will help you find the best Clothing Manufacturers.

Which clothing manufacturers’ brands are made in the UK?

Some of the most common clothing brands in the UK are given by,

Monika The Label: Monika the Label is made in North London. It combines California chic and East London grunge to create prints that fashionistas will love. 

Molby The Label: It is designed and handmade in the Wirral studio, each Molby Label item is made to order. There are very few rags. The quality of handmade garments from experienced seamstresses.

Lily And Roo: People do not want to buy things with confidence and intention from England. There are beads aimed at Fabric made by a craftsman and support a small shop – many. They are all handmade using traditional craftsmanship techniques.

Fruity Booty: It is created using dead Fabric or recycled materials, the Fruity Booty bra has been sustainable at its core since it launched three years ago.

Etikette The Label: Etikette, is a recently launched outdoor clothing brand. This creates versatile jackets and coats with an emphasis on style and practicality, and of course, as you might have guessed. All of its garments are made right here on their home soil, says the brand’s founder, Rhiannon Buckley. “

The brand is based in Somerset House in central London. It also produces clothing in small batches, which means less waste and unnecessary excess stock.

What brands are manufactured in the UK? 

The best garment manufacturers in London are given by,

Gloverall: Gloverall has been making authentic British Duffle Coats and has been proud to feature the label since 1951. These timeless British coat designs for men, women, and kids have been made to focus on sourcing premium quality materials such as genuine fur and Fabric. 

Merrythought: Merrythought has been making handmade soft toys, especially teddy bears, since the 1930s, using premium materials such as alpaca wool and other quality silks and cotton and traditional methods. The stuffed teddy bear is considered to be the best in the world. 

Equus Leather: Equus Leather produces beautiful and traditional luxury leather goods such as wallets, belts, and briefcases. They used leather from a British company and bought their belt buckles from the last buckle foundry in England.

Some of the other brands in the UK are Lauren Vickers, cro jack, grenson, draper of Glastonbury, peregrine, Grenfell, Walter and Herbert, terry smith, and more.

Clothing Manufacturer
Clothing Manufacturer

Which are the five best clothing manufacturers?

The best five clothing manufacturers in the UK are given by,

  • Sewport: Sewport offers direct contact with the manufacturer in that which makes it easier to find the manufacturer that best suits your needs. You can quickly compare several factories. 
  • Hawthorn International: It is one of the manufacturers which offers the lowest minimum order quantities in the industry. Starting at 50 pieces per design. They are connected to a large network of fabric suppliers.
  • Fashion Works London: The advantage of Fashionworks over other manufacturers is that they provide project management services and personalized advice and support on everything from initial concepts to final production and marketing to get your brand off to a good start.
  • Fashion Enter: Fashion Enter is a non-profit social enterprise. It has a garment factory for large-scale production and a fashion studio for small runs, scoring, and sampling.
  • London Garment Service: London Garment Services Ltd. specializes in the production of high-end men’s and women’s high-end apparel and fashion accessories. They are produced both in the UK and offshore, along with warehousing and garment processing.


Can you offer private labeling? 

Yes, we will provide the top private label clothing and provide all kinds of services as per the customer’s requirement.

What kind of service do you offer?

We offer different kinds of services in clothing. Please check our website for detailed service information.

What kinds of clothing brands are available?

We are manufacturing all the best brands which are popular in London.

Can you deliver the branded clothing to us?

Yes, we can deliver the branded clothing to your doorstep at the right time.

How will you charge for shipping goods?

The shipping of the goods depends upon your destination.

Final Thought:

It is important to research the best manufacturer before you start a clothing business. Before making your final decision, do a thorough analysis and compare prices and quality among the various London clothing manufacturers. 

Remember to budget for unexpected costs when starting a new business.