Best Card Reader for Small Business UK

Best Card Reader for Small Business

Do you know that card transactions are likely to account for 94% of national transactions in the UK by 2031? 

In the digital age, cash transactions are becoming increasingly rare. regardless of the industry, card payments are more common these days in the business landscape. 

as a small business operating in the country, you might be wondering which is the best card reader for small businesses UK. 

Well, there are plenty of options available. in this guide, we have reviewed the top 7 card readers for small businesses in the UK along with the features and benefits. 

Factors to consider while choosing a card reader 

Before explaining the benefits of the top 7 card readers, let’s take a look into the essential factors you need to consider while selecting the right product. 

  • Transaction fees: Get a card reader where you can enjoy reasonable transaction fees. This is one of the factors that impact your profitability.
  • Payment processing speed: Get a reader with faster payment processing speed so that you can make​ transactions faster. This would also enhance your customer experience.
  • Integration compatibility: You might want to integrate this card with other business software like accounting tools to streamline your operations and save time.
  • Connectivity: It is logical to choose a card reader with a stable connection. This would enhance your business operations significantly.
  • Brand reputation: Get a card reader from a reputable brand that is an established history of providing quality support. 

Best Card Readers To Check Out

Best Card Reader for Small Business UK

Now that you know how to choose the best card reader for small businesses UK, we are going to dead into our top 7 recommendations. 

1. Zettle (By PayPal): Best for payment features

Zettle, a company owned by PayPal, has come up with an exciting card reader. This card reader has plenty of payment features. 

For instance, it accepts all the major debit and credit cards.  Businesses can also accept payments through Google Pay and Apple Pay. Thus, this card reader makes transactions easier for both parties.

This is an institute app, that meets inventory management easier and streamlines sales tracking. The design of this card reader is lightweight and it is portable. As a result, it is ideal for businesses on the go such as mobile vendors and market traders.

The card also supports contactless payments and chip card payments. The transactions are both fast and secure, which warrants a mental pace for your customers.

The integration with PayPal is one of the best features of Zettle. In case a merchant is already using PayPal for online transactions, this card would seamlessly blend into the existing infrastructure. Whether your customers are shopping online or in person, they would enjoy a better experience.

There are no hidden fees with Zettle, and the pricing is transparent. This makes it suitable for small businesses, as they can understand the associated costs to boost profitability.

2. Square: Best for Integrations

In the payment processing industry, Square is already a reputed name. They have come up with a popular card reader, focusing on integrations. This product would be ideal for small businesses depending on several tools for their operations.

With Square, you have a fast and hassle-free setup process. This allows small businesses to accept payments within a short time. The payouts are also faster, and the funds reach the respective accounts within a couple of business days.

So, small businesses requiring fast access to funds should go for this reader.
One of the strategic advantages of this card reader is that it offers a wide range of integrations.

This helps businesses connect with different tools like accounting software, eCommerce platforms, and CRM systems.

This high level of integration streamlines operations and saves time that you can channel to expand your business.
The Square POS system can be customized. This allows users to personalize the system to suit their respective business needs.

Whether you use it in a food truck, retail store, or service-oriented business, you can customize it as per your needs.

It also features chip card payment and contactless payment support, so that you can make smooth transactions. This ensures that your customers enjoy a great payment experience.

3. SumUp Air: Best for 3G connectivity

When you look out for the best card reader for small businesses UK, you cannot possibly miss out SumUp Air. This card reader provides reliable stability in different locations, particularly if you operate somewhere with limited Wi-Fi access.

Coming to the pricing model, you can pay per transaction, with no fixed monthly fee involved. For small businesses which need to make occasional card transactions, this is an attractive option.

Also, you have the dedicated SumUp mobile app to manage invoices and transactions. Being a small business owner, you might want to keep things simple. In this case, this card reader offers a good payment processing solution with a straightforward operation.

With this card reader, you can accept all major debit and credit cards. Also, it supports contactless payments and caters to a wide range of clients. Even if you are a mobile vendor looking for a reliable card reader, this product is highly recommended.

4. Ingenico Desk 5000: Great for Integrations

If you are looking for a feature-rich and powerful card reader for seamlessly integrates with your existing system, go for Ingenico Desk 5000.

With this card reader, you get a wide range of connection options. Some of these include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. With this flexibility, you can use this card reader in different business environments.

This card reader is compatible with different payment methods. These include PINs, contactless methods, chips, and mobile wallets. This versatile nature of the card ensures that you can cater to different customers to process transactions faster.

It is easy to integrate the card reader with your accounting tool or POS system. This would streamline your business operations and make bookkeeping simpler.

The interface is user-friendly and goes a long way in enhancing business transactions for small businesses.

5. Verifone V200C: Ideal for fast payment processing

As a small business, you might be looking for lightning-fast payment processing to grow your business. In this case, Verifone V200C would be a great choice.

The card reader has been designed to handle high volumes of transactions with higher efficiency and speed. This makes it suitable for business retail environments.

The V200c card reader also supports a wide range of payment options. These include contactless payments, chip, and PIN, as well as mobile payments. As a result, your customers can choose any payment method of their preference. This reduces the chances of transactions getting abandoned.

Also, you would love the color touchscreen in the card reader. The interface is intuitive, and it is easy for the staff and customers to use. The ergonomic and compact design is another benefit for businesses operating with limited counter space.
This card reader also prioritizes security. This assures mental peace for you as well as your customers.

6. Castles VEGA3000: Best for new merchants

When you look out for the best card readers for small businesses UK, Castles VEGA3000 would not disappoint you. If you are venturing into card payments for the first time, this reader would be a great choice. It is simple and user-friendly, and the setup process takes a little time. 

This card reader supports different payment methods like chip and PIN, contactless payments, and magnetic stripe cards. Therefore, businesses using this card reader can cater to a wide range of customers and payment preferences.

The card reader is compact, making it easy to carry. So, vendors at fairs and events would find it ideal for transactions.
With end-to-end encryption, it secures data for your business and customers.

7. Ingenico iWL Series: best for outdoor spaces

This is a reliable card reader designed particularly for outdoor spaces. So, if you are a small business operating in festivals, markets, or food trucks, you should have a look at this product.

It offers strong connectivity features, including Bluetooth, GPRS, and Wi-Fi. This ensures that you can seamlessly process payments even in places where connectivity is weak.

Among the payment methods it supports, you have contactless and mobile wallets as well as cards. This provides a greater level of flexibility to your customers.

The design of this card reader is durable and rugged. The product has been designed to withstand outdoor conditions. This makes it a reliable companion for businesses on the move.


Choosing the best card reader for small businesses UK is a strategic decision. Now that you know the right products to choose from, you can make the right choice. Prioritize your business needs as you look out for the perfect system to make your transactions.

When you purchase the card reader, consider specific requirements for your business. For instance, you might factor in aspects like transactions, integration needs, and connectivity features.

Accordingly, you can make the right choice which would lead to greater customer satisfaction. 


Are card readers suitable for online businesses or eCommerce platforms?
If you run an eCommerce business, you won’t need a card reader. Rather, you need to integrate a payment gateway into your platform. Card readers are necessary only when you operate from a physical location.

Can I use card readers in my existing accounting software for POS systems?
Yes, the card readers are compatible with existing POS systems and accounting software. For instance, Square is well-known for its wide range of integrations.

How secure are card readers for processing payments?
The best card readers have been designed adhering to industry standards and established protocols. This ensures seamless transactions for your customers, which warrants both speed and safety