10 of Best Camping Places in New England for Travelers


Are you considering going camping in New England? You’re fortunate! You can read about all the finest camping spots in New England in just this article, which is divided among the region’s lovely states.

There is a campsite in New England for every kind of camping excursion you could imagine. These cabins are scattered across the country, some of them near lakes, others in the forest, and some may be a component of mainstream parks!

What is Camping?

Camping is an enjoyable event that entails spending the night or multiple nights in a safe shelter amidst the wilderness. Camping is a broad term, but at its core, it is a way to temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of city life and return to a more natural setting. Beginning in the late 19th century, recreational camping has grown to be one of the most popular outdoor activities worldwide.

What is the best time for camping?

When organizing a camping trip, there are many things to think about. The timing of your trip is among the most crucial factors to take into account. Generally speaking, late summer to early fall is when we recommend going camping.

The most common season for people to plan camping trips is typically summer. You won’t need to worry about the dangers of cold temperatures because the summer has the warmest weather. Additionally, hiking, catching fish, as well as other types of backpacking activities can be enjoyed in that climate. To prevent dehydration, just remember to bring more than enough water.

Children being out of school during the summer is another factor that makes backpacking the most popular activity. Families have the opportunity to get together over a camping trip during that time off from school. Additionally, it implies that bookings at these locations may be challenging.

Camping tips

Follow these tips next time you go camping with your loved ones:

Basic camping advice

  • Always prepare for inclement weather; confirm the forecast.
  • Make a schedule for your activities.
  • Having too much preparation is acceptable.
  • Bring first aid supplies.
  • Make a list of your belongings before leaving.
  • Avoid camping under a tree.
  • Remember to use lighting!
  • Don’t forget the portable charger to carry.

10 best places to camping

Try these amazing places in New England for camping.

1. VT’s Brighton State Park

VT's Brighton State Park
Image source: Brightonexplorer

aerial view of a hillside in the distance and lakes surrounded by autumnal foliage. A conventional campground worth visiting is Brighton State Park in Island Pond, Vermont. A campground like the individuals in Brighton State Park is the ideal place to experience Vermont’s famed beauty.

This park’s campsites are situated right next to Spectacle Pond. There are conventional campgrounds where you can set up a tent, as well as RV parking spaces. If you’d prefer, you could also rent a slender or a cabin. You can also go scuba diving, hiking, or picnicking near the park.

2. NH’s White Lake State Park

NH's White Lake State Park
Image source: The Dyrt

Why not visit White Mountain National Forest if you desire to go outdoor activities in New Hampshire? White Lake State Park is among the best places to camp nearby. The park is well-recognized for being among the best swimming areas in the area, but it’s also a great place to camp in New England!

3. Mass.’s Normandy Farms Campground

Mass.'s Normandy Farms Campground
Image source: Good sum

Normandy Farms Recreation area in Fox borough, Massachusetts, comes first on this list. It is a well-liked getaway from the city because it is situated halfway between Boston and Cape Cod! You could indeed bring your RV to Normandy Farms Campground and expect to be paid for water, energy, cable, or sewage system blind date, and then you can stay in a tent there.

It’s not your typical campground, this one. In fact, there are a ton of enjoyable things to do there! There is a bicycle park, a creative arts center, a business center, a fitness center, a sand volleyball, a catching fish pond, a sports field, and much more.

4. CT’s Rocky Neck State Park

 CT's Rocky Neck State Park
Image source: long island sound study

Think about staying at Rocky Neck State Park in Connecticut for some of the best camping in all of New England. The ideal location for an exterior retreat is here. You can set up a tent here or leave your RV or trailer parked.

You can spend some time touring the park while you’re there! There are paths for bicycling and hiking, picnic areas, and a snorkeling pond. By the pond, there is a food token gesture stand in case you get hungry while swimming or just lounging around.

5. Rhode Island campground Whispering Pines

 Rhode Island campground Whispering Pines
Image source: Trip Advisor

The 50-acre Whispering Pines Campground is located in Rhode Island. The ideal location for old-fashioned woods camping is here. There really are cabins, RV and trailer sites, as well as areas where you can set up your own tent and go old-school camping.

There are numerous activities all over the campground. Many of the events held at Whispering Pines are accessible to all campers residing there. To find out what events are coming up, make sure to look at their internet schedule.

6. MA’s Boston Harbor Islands

MA's Boston Harbor Islands
Image source: Trip Advisor

Did you guys know that you could camp on the islands in Boston Harbor? It is real! The restriction is that camping is only permitted here from June to September. You can set up camp on Paddock Island, Bumpkin Island, Grape Isles, or Lovell Island; there are over 30 campsites available.

The fact that a ferry is the only way to reach these campgrounds only enhances the enjoyment of this camping trip! In Hingham, you can board the ferry most conveniently. Picnic tables are available at each tent site. Consider renting a yurt over the weekend for some fun.

7. Odetah Campground, Connecticut

Odetah Campground, Connecticut
Image source: Trip Advisor

In the middle of a forest in Bozrah, Connecticut, is the Odetah Camping Resort. Most people come here to camp because of its great area, which is why it’s so popular! There are numerous ways to stay here, including setting up a tent, connecting an RV, or reserving a cabin or yurt.

There are many things to do at Odetah Camping Resort. The lake offers opportunities for kayaking, swimming, boating, and fishing. The restaurant, the pool, and movie nights are all additional entertaining activities! Visit the Wellness in the Woods Spa for some downtime!

8. Campground in Bar Harbor, Maine

Campground in Bar Harbor, Maine
Image source: Trip to discover

During your stay in Acadia, make sure you see the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain. Another of the best camping areas in New England is Bar Harbor Campground, which shouldn’t be disregarded. Given that Bar Harbor is a popular destination in the region, it’s possibly among the best places to stay if you want to discover Acadia National Park.

The majority of the campsites available here are only for campers and trailers. You can lease space without hookups but one with water or power. There is a campground to suit your needs! Additionally, while you are staying at the camping ground, a spaceship will transport you around the region.

9. Connecticut’s Waters Edge Family Campground

Connecticut's Waters Edge Family Campground
Image source: Waters Edge Campground

A well-known campground inside the state is Waters Edge Family Campground in Lebanon, Connecticut. There are places to leave your RV or tow, but if users stay in this, you also could rent a cabin.

A beach, pool, dog park, laundry room, and numerous outdoor sporting facilities like baseball fields and half-moon pits are also spread out during the park. This campground is close to some of the best tourist attractions in the region, including Rocky Neck State Park, Mystic Seaport, and Gillette Castle (a fantastic New England palace to visit!).

10. Campground at Wolfe’s Neck Oceanfront in Maine

Campground at Wolfe's Neck Oceanfront in Maine
Image source: Roverpass

Wolfe’s Neck Oceanfront Campground in Freeport, Maine is the following. One of the best destinations to visit in Maine is Freeport, which is renowned for its fantastic city center and shopping. You can choose between camping sites and cabins when you stay here.

This campground offers a ton of fun things to do, that’s why so many people choose to stay there while on a camping trip. There are numerous activities available at the campground, including camping, hiking, boating, catching fish, scuba diving, and more. When you go outdoor activities, what else could you ask for?


Where is the most beautiful camp?

White Mountain National park is the best place for camping in New England.

Where is the safest place to camp in New England?

The answer-Each place is, safe but you need to look around carefully. Don’t camp at any place that seems to be peaceful.

Which is the best month to camp?

Summers and spring are the best months to camp.

Where is the best place to set up camp overnight?

Try to find an open place for camping. It must be close to a water source and away from trees and small plants.


Finding the top camping spots in New England can be challenging when organizing a warmer month’s outdoor trip! Hopefully, this article has assisted you in selecting the locations that are actually worth visiting. Remember that finding a campsite during the prime season can be challenging, particularly in areas close to the water.