An Ultimate Introduction of PS5 | Availability of PS5 in the UK

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Sony took the floor at the beginning of October 2019 to take stock of its next-generation console and confirm its name. The PS5 will be called PlayStation 5.

A name that will not surprise anyone since it will be the manufacturer’s fifth home console. Twenty-six years after the first PlayStation, the PS5 will have to confirm the good health which dominated the eighth generation of consoles.

Sony has sold more than 100 million Playstations worldwide, while its rival Microsoft is struggling to reach the 50 million Xbox mark.

In June 2020, the consoler, however, confirmed a notable element: his PS5 will not be the only device available to players. They will have the choice between a standard model, with a disc player (Blu-ray Ultra HD), and a console that will not be.

This Digital Edition, slightly thinner and probably a little less expensive, will therefore require you to download all the games on its storage space.

The other big information for the month of October 2019 concerned the release date of the PS5. Sony then announced that its console “would be released in time for the end of the year 2020 holidays”, around the same time as Microsoft’s Scarlett project, renamed Xbox Series X.

If the exact date had not been communicated, the firm revised its communication in September 2020, announcing the ps5 release date in the UK on November 19, and the launch of pre-orders in the wake.

playstation 5
playstation 5

The technical sheet: SoC AMD, ray-tracing, and SSD

The architect of the PlayStation 5, Mark Cerny, had nevertheless already confirmed several elements in 2019 before coming back to them in a little more detail this year. Here are the main technical characteristics of the PS5:

  • CPU:    3rd gen AMD Ryzen
  • (Zen 2, 8 cores / 16 threads, 3.5 GHz, 7nm burn)
  • GPU:    AMD RDNA 2 Custom
  • (36 compute units, 2.23 GHz, 10.3 TFLOPS)
  • RAM:    16 GB (GDDR6)
  • Storage 825 GB custom SSD
  • Memory expansion:      Yes, via M.2 SSD compatible internally, and USB externally
  • Optical drive:   Yes, 4K HDR Blu-ray
  • Backward compatibility: Advertised for at least PS4 games
  • Other:  3d audio

Like its rival from Microsoft, the PlayStation 5 will be equipped with a third-generation AMD Ryzen processor (Zen 2, 8 cores / 16 threads) engraved in 7 nm, associated with a custom GPU based on AMD’s RDNA2 architecture.

With a raw computing power of 10.3 TFLOPS, the next PlayStation will be on this point inferior to the Xbox Series X and its 12 TFLOPS, but that does not seem to frighten. Particular attention has been paid to the sound dimension with 3D audio, but also and above all to the storage unit.

One of the great novelties of the PS5 will thus lie in the integration of a customized SSD.

The firm does not intend to stop there. Currently, developers do not hesitate to copy certain elements of a game several times (such as streetlights or anonymous passers-by) in order to avoid the disc searching for them.

This practice saves time and avoids wasting a few milliseconds for each search, but that data tends to multiply.

The design of the PlayStation 5

If until then had to be satisfied with visuals inspired by patents and rumours, Sony confirmed in June 2020 the design of the PlayStation 5 and its Digital Edition. Curved lines, a black and white look, and blue lighting reminiscent of PlayStation VR are on the menu, as well as support allowing the consoles to be placed vertically.

Both PS5s will be accompanied by a set of suitable accessories. A helmet, a multimedia remote control, a charging stand for two Dual Sense controllers (see details below), and a matching HD camera will also be marketed by Sony. ps5 price UK is affordable to all.

Dual Sense: a brand-new controller

The PlayStation will come with a new controller and even a brand new controller. Sony has indeed created the surprise by unveiling it in April 2020, since it completely breaks with the Dual Shock series.

Features the PlayStation 5 

Sony has designed the entire user interface of the PS5 to take advantage of the power and capabilities of the console. While the new design is fresh and exciting, and there’s no denying that the PlayStation 5 is a powerhouse, some features are nowhere to be found.

Of course, since the launch of the PS5 less than a week ago, there is still room for improvement, and you’re here with some ideas on how Sony could make the PS5 even more user-friendly.

Increase in storage space

The PS5 was advertised to have 825 GB of space, but out of the box, it has a lot less at just 667 GB. Of course, that’s still a bit, but given that there is no ‘option to expand the currently available storage, this is going to become a nuisance very, very quickly for gamers who buy more than a few PS5 titles.

In fact, if you’re a COD fan, the latest title takes up 135GB of space – just over 20% of what’s available. Getting an external HD also doesn’t solve the problem at this time, as the only purpose of an external HD is to store playable PS4 titles. No, it is not available as additional space to download/record PS5 titles. Moreover, Although Sony has stated that the internal SSD will be available at a later date, it is not available now, and it should be.

At least if you had a specific date to expect this, it would make the lack of extra space a little more bearable. Fingers crossed, it’s just around the corner!

When is ps5 coming out in the UK?

Already has been launched and come into the market.

Game version indicator:

Currently, there is no real way to organize your games based on their version – PS4 or PS5. It would be great to have a way to organize this, maybe as a flag or a banner at the top, so that you know which generation it is. Maybe they could have a “dropdown” of tiles or something that players could navigate to and click on the version they’d like to jump into.

Although you know not everyone will have both versions of a ton of games, this is definitely something that would make the PS5 even better.

Wrap Up:

The PS5 stands as a remarkable innovation in the world of gaming, offering cutting-edge technology and a next-level gaming experience. Its powerful hardware, lightning-fast loading times, and immersive features truly set it apart as the ultimate gaming console. With its stunning graphics, seamless gameplay, and extensive library of games, the PS5 has undoubtedly raised the bar for console gaming, cementing its place as a game-changer in the industry.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated enthusiast, the PS5 is an essential addition to any gaming setup, promising endless hours of entertainment and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming world.