7 Animation and Motion Design Trends in 2024

Animation and Motion Design

To be on top you need to follow animation and motion design trends.  Therefore, today we will look at them, and also figure out how to create a cool video.

The use of digital networks and platforms has led to the consumption and creation of audiovisual content like never before in history: in 2019 alone, the number of users in short video applications exceeded 9 billion worldwide, creating an industry that generates just over $ 2 billion. 

Likewise, it is estimated that people will spend over 100 minutes viewing visual content across platforms in 2024, prompting 92% of marketers to create or include video in their online strategies.

These numbers indicate that audiovisual content will not only gain more relevance but will also provide new ways to connect with consumers.

1. Combining techniques into a single whole.

The risky combination of techniques in one product can help us get a very striking and interesting result.  Scenarios in 3D spaces with cameras mixed with 2D animated characters and details is an incredibly powerful combination.

2. Kinetic typography

Animating fonts has become very important in recent years, which is why we have moved from simple text animation to animating words and their personality.  We can get motion graphics fragments that are typographic only and have the same ability to communicate as fragments with filming or animated illustrations.

3. Videos filmed and recorded at home.

There is no doubt that the number of videos we will have to edit, recorded without a major production, will increase in the coming months, and a great way to help us increase their level is to intervene with motion graphics and creativity.  Sometimes, videos that are filmed at home are gaining more popularity than videos for which tens of thousands of dollars have been spent.  Therefore, the budget is not always important.  Superior quality and idea.

4. Nostalgia

Create collages, and add effects that were relevant before.  Nostalgia will make us feel identified with the piece, and this technique will make it easier to connect with the audience.

5. Compositions in 3D combined with editorial design.

As we become more and more comfortable with change from a digital perspective, we have the opportunity to experiment with our designs, create combinations that we used to think weird and dare to get revolutionary results.  One of these very interesting mixes is 3D embedded in an editorial style presented in an audiovisual format.

6. Integration of interfaces and split video screens.

In audiovisual works, we always tend to reflect a part of the present and reality in which we live.  This is why new elements will inevitably appear in the coming months, featuring digital interfaces and split screens.

7. Augmented reality

Last but not least, yes, we will very soon have to dive into the development of interactive audiovisual works that include augmented reality.  This is a method that allows us to more intensely perceive our projects in general, and the viewer to be more involved because it helps us to blur the line between the digital and the physical.  More and more tools are emerging that are more intuitive and easier to use for creating and managing augmented reality.

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