6 Must-have Accessories for Van Hire

Van Hire

Whether you’re moving house, having a clear-out or organising an event, the chances are you won’t be able to fit everything in your car or transport it on foot. This is where van hire Warrington comes in handy.

Most rental companies will provide you with a hired van that’s well-equipped and maintained to the highest standards. These are usually suitable for short- and long-distance driving and can be used to carry a wide range of loads.

However, several accessories can accompany your van hire to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Below, we take a look at just a few of the extras you should consider adding to your hired vehicle.

6 Accessories for Van Hire

1. Ratchet straps

If you’re transporting large items – be it furniture or gym equipment– the last thing you want them to do is rock around in the back or shift from side to side whilst in transit.

With that said, highly durable and adjustable ratchet straps are the perfect accessory for keeping loads safe and secure, holding them in place for the entire journey – even if your route involves speed bumps and unmade roads.

2. Packing boxes

Most people prefer to organise their belongings in boxes when moving house, ensuring they know where everything is and making it easier for them to unpack when they get to their new home.

However, packing boxes come in an array of sizes and allow you to store items safely for transportation. You can either stack them side-by-side or on top of each other to make the most of the available space in the vehicle.

3. Moving trolleys

Manoeuvring large, heavy or bulky items can be difficult on your own. Though you could ask someone to help you, it’s worth using a moving trolley.

Using a trolley will enable you to load and unload the van quickly, without any unnecessary lifting. This can relieve your muscles of strain, allowing for a more comfortable driving experience.

4. Blankets

You want your shiny new appliances to reach their end destination in immaculate condition, right?

Using blankets to pad them out, or wrapping them around smaller, more delicate items, will ensure they are protected from any movement within your van, preventing damages.

Bubble wrap is an excellent alternative to packing blankets – providing extra cushioning for your load when travelling over any lumps or bumps in the road.

5. Phone holder

Driving a vehicle that’s much bigger and higher up than you’re used to can be stressful enough – you don’t need the added stress of getting lost when driving in an unfamiliar area!

A phone holder will allow you to position your phone somewhere on the dashboard so you can see the map and use your mobile hands-free.

6. USB charging cables

If you’re making a long journey, you want to trust that your phone won’t run out of battery in case an emergency arises.

A USB charging cable will allow you to charge your phone while driving, but you can also connect your device to the van’s system to play your music and take calls – making your driving experience more enjoyable and safer.

Book your van rental today

If you need to hire a van, it’s worth contacting your local rental company as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Be sure to find out what accessories they offer (if any). Even if they don’t provide van hire accessories themselves, the chances are they will be able to advise you on the most suitable add-ons for your Warrington van hire, making your time behind the wheel much easier and safer.