A Compact Guide To Instagram Marketing


Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most accessed social networks nowadays. With so many active users, there seems to be no stopping its rise to fame. From what started as a picture-only platform, Instagram has expanded significantly to have short videos and reels. There are users with personal accounts, but if you look at the user base more closely, businesses are also starting to penetrate this market.

This means that everyone is literally on Instagram, with different types of Instagram users. For businesses, this is a marketing opportunity to expand their reach. It’s safe to say that if your business doesn’t have an Instagram account yet, you’re only putting your business even more behind the competition.

With that being said, Instagram marketing is becoming even more competitive. Companies have to be certain that whatever marketing strategies they apply are bulletproof. It’s challenging, but it can be done with this guide.

Switch To A Business Profile

If you’re still using a personal Instagram account for your business, you must switch ASAP. This should be the first step before you start delving deeper into what marketing strategies to apply to your business.

This step is very easy. All you must do is go over to ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Switch To Business Profile’. There are some benefits to doing so, including:

  • It’s easier for your followers to contact you through a button as they would on your website;
  • It enables you to post Instagram Ads without using Facebook’s tools;
  • It gives you access to Instagram analytics along with the best Instagram growth service, so you have an impression and data about your current standing.

Craft A Marketing Strategy

Like any pursuit, you can’t start without a plan. This is what it means to have a marketing strategy. It’s important to have that marketing plan so you have something to look back to and check whether or not your goals are indeed achieved.

There’s that sense of accountability, such that when you’ve determined your goals aren’t ticked, you can make the necessary tweaks with your team to ensure that every social media marketing strategy used is one that brings in success.

Draft A Compelling Bio

Instagram may only have basic features as a part of your profile, with the bio section limited only to a few characters, but it’s not any less effective. This is, of course, given that you actually use that bio section wisely and make the most of it with a compelling statement.

Ideally, the most important thing you should attach to your bio is a link to your website. Use whatever characters are left for you to make a short introduction about your brand, but one that’ll strike an impact.

Post Varying Types Of Content

There’s no shortage of the types of content you can now post on Instagram, like photos, short videos, Instagram stories, and reels. Your content creation team should ensure that all those types of content will be maximized and used. Don’t just stick to photos alone; else, your Instagram page may look flat and boring.

To do this, a content calendar is a good strategy. With one, you have a schedule for what content to post next, so you never run out of ideas. Moreover, it makes your content team so organized that you don’t risk going a couple of days without any posts.

Furthermore, here’s a bonus tip to apply regarding your content. Use your posts wisely to the effect that they’ll actually humanize your brand. Beyond your corporate face, human beings are working tirelessly and passionately to come up with the products you’re selling. Be friendly with your tone and show relatable photos and videos with faces of real people: not just the product themselves. This strategy can help make your brand more relatable and reachable to your followers.

Other types of content that can give valuable information to your followers include:

  • Updates and announcements, especially if you have ongoing promotions, sales, and discounts;
  • Quick tips and how-tos;
  • Contests, polls, and questions;
  • Data and insights.

Penetrate On Instagram Stories

Penetrate On Instagram Stories
Penetrate On Instagram Stories

One of the mistakes many businesses may continue to make is failing to penetrate Instagram stories. While it’s temporary in nature, it’s one of the most effective Instagram marketing strategies at the moment, given how Instagram stories spark the most interest.

There are many types of stories you can post for it to drive some buzz on the platform. Failproof examples are:

  • Quizzes;
  • Polls;
  • Questions;
  • Live countdowns for promotions or new product releases.

Final Thoughts

Instagram has the edge over other social media platforms in such a way that it’s more visual in nature. Human beings are visual individuals too, so it’s not surprising how Instagram sits well with its users, with interesting photos and reels now to scroll through.

For businesses, the main purpose of being on Instagram is for marketing, one that can successfully be achieved by applying what you’ve learned from the guide above.